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  • Rookie420
    started a topic Please Help!!!!!

    Please Help!!!!!

    I have been using the nostromo N52 gamepad since it came out couple years ago and LOVE it!! but recently I have been having a problem with it. sometimes not always but say ever5 minutes or so when I am runnin or walking somewhere (using the thumb D-pad of course) it will continue to keep going in any particular direction once I let off to hide or stop running almost like a keys are just gettin stickey and sticken together BUT.. I just went tonight and bought a new one and still the same. being that my D-Pad is asigned to W,S,D, and A I thought I would change those keys but still same results...this happens in BOTH PoE and PR but does NOT happen to me in any other games I play (mostly counter-strike). So, after alll thi I began thinking back and it seems to have only started since the new 1.41 patch, so I am guessing the patch has something to do with it, that is the only explanation! I know that this gamepad is pretty popular and was hoping that those of you who use it could reply and let me know if your having the same problem or if any of you know a solution..PLEASE HELP!!!
    Thanks for your time guys and gals

  • eGoatBoy
    Re: Please Help!!!!!

    I don't use that h/w, so not much to offer from my may also consider posting in this forum for help as well though.

    Good luck!

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