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"BF2 Stats: Web Interface" Sounds simple enough

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  • "BF2 Stats: Web Interface" Sounds simple enough

    There's several websites where you can enter your Nick or PID and be presented all the information found in your BFHQ and more. I'd like to create an interface on my own website to the BF2 Stats server so visitors can make similar queries. However, I intend to store some of this data in a database so that I can provide additional and unique information based on historical facts. Things such as "At your current 'Score Per Minute' it will take you 15hrs 17mins to reach your next rank".

    When I first decided I'd like to do this, I expected I'd find pages and pages of information within the bowels of Google's servers telling me how to connect, where to go, what functions people prefer to collect this XML data with etc. However, it seems to be a closely gaurded secret. I've sent email to the admins of other sites asking to be pointed in the right direction, with no response thus far.

    Does anyone know how to connect to the Gamespy Servers to collect this information? Is it open to anyone, or do you need to get permission from Gamespy and have your web server's IP registered with them? I found some scripts in the Internet that were posted in early 2005, followed by postsin that local forum indicating they no longer work.

    Perhaps the fact that I'm having this much trouble even finding where and how I get the data is foreshadowing of the weeks to come...

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and should I suceed, I'll make sure you have access to historical data on my server....

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: "BF2 Stats: Web Interface" Sounds simple enough

    Check this place,

    I know they have a "fan site stats package" that you can run on your own site. But it is only for vanilla and EA expansions. They don't support any mods.
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      Re: "BF2 Stats: Web Interface" Sounds simple enough

      Thanks so much for picking that thread out of what I'm sure are hundreds. It provides an excellent resource to get the ball rolling. The Poster of that thread has done one hell of a job too.




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