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    Re: New Comp/Crashes

    lol, sorry guys, been playing so much PR lately that I forgot to update. For some reason, my computer was running three extra instances of svchost on my local network and when I traced them, they were to null clients and it was eating like 25% or so of my cpu cycles. once I managed to get rid of them it worked like a charm. didnt think that would have been a problem with my dual core, but that's bf2 for you, dual core unfriendly to the end.

    I do have a new problem though, this one involves actual gameplay and I cant figure out what causes it. Occasionally (read: about one in 5 or 6 times), i'll get into aircraft and I wont be able to control them with my mouse. When I move the mouse in the directions that would normally control vertical and horizontal movement, it simply looks around the cockpit.

    In conjunction with this, when it happens, I cant get out of the vehicle without suiciding and if i'm in a gunner's position (i.e. the front seat of an attack chopper or the secondary/tertiary positions of a blackhawk with the autocannons), it wont stop firing the weapons.

    I've checked my control configurations both while this is happening and when its not and theyre identical. It happens on every server I play on, so its not site-specific and happens in all air-based vehicles (transport and attack helos and planes) but not in land vehicles.

    When I do this once and it happens as described, it lasts for the duration of the round, but usually magically fixes itself at the next round start or map change. This happens in vanilla bf2, PR and PoE2.

    Any ideas?


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      Re: New Comp/Crashes

      Originally posted by Ferris Bueller View Post
      BTW, if more system specifics help, its a Dell XPS 410, standard config except for the video card.
      Did you add the card in yourself? Or did Dell put it in for you?
      If you did it yourself, then your powersupply could not be up to the notch for the card, my friend's Gateway came with a 7900 GS and when he added the 7900 GTX, the comp kept on crashing because the powersupply didn't give enough Amps. and therefore not enough watts on the 12v rail which connects to the video card...
      If Dell did install the card for you, and you tried everything and you're at your wit's end, do a low-level format, mostly the crap that PC manufactures pre-install are ridiculously useless and most of the time do interfere with many other programs...IBM is famous for that, and so is Dell to a point.
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