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bf2 reinstallation Latency issues

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  • bf2 reinstallation Latency issues

    After installing bf2 and using the full 1.41 patch on my new PC , I ping every server in poe2 and bf2 150 plus. Every other game I normally play, CS:S and BF2142, play fine with no problem pinging out of or inside games which gives me the idea I should not have to mess with any port forwarding on my router. The game connects fine to the master account server, and it will connect to the servers. When I am in the game connected to a server, the gameplay stutters as if I am downloading. I've also downloaded and updated to the latest version of punkbuster. Any ideas?

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    Re: bf2 reinstallation Latency issues

    First thing that comes to mind is to make sure you have the right connection speed setting. If you are on cable and select LAN, BF2 spams lots of traffic out and it could slow down your inbound stream.

    Other thing would be to check for funky new features on your new PC. An example: My new Asus mobo included a firewall that stopped every large download after the first 20 MB or so. I turned it off, and the problem was solved.




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