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  • VOIP Problem?

    Hello , I've been playing Battlefield2 for about 1month and 4weeks now. I've only recently got a mic and started using VOIP , At first I couldn't work it so I went to settings like usuall and set it all up. It was perfectly fine but then It just mutes out and I cant seem to use it at all , I logout the server and go back into the server and it still seems not to work. If I close Battlefield2 and reload it then it will work , but thats annoying and im not sure what the problem is. I use SoundMAX , I've tested it on sound recorder and its pefectly fine. Could anyone help ?

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    Re: VOIP Problem?

    make sure you have EAX disabled. Try using different configurations of hardware and software for your sound settings.


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      Re: VOIP Problem?

      I've also heard lots of people say getting the latest sound drivers for your card can clear up that sort fo problem as well.

      BF2 tends to just shut your VOIP off if it thinks there's a problem, which leads to much confusion.

      Also check both Audio and Voice recording setup. Apparently most things use one and BF2 uses another?

      Sorry I am very short on details as most my problems went away when I install a soundcard vs onboard sound.


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        VOIP problem

        I was playing Project Reality last night, and I got fed up with having squads that did not communicate whatsoever. So I joined a squad with four of your own TG guys, and the teamwork was there, but still no communication.

        So I asked them if they were using VOIP, and they said, "yeah, we are talking constantly". They told me to make sure VOIP was enabled. It was. My mic works with other programs. Also, on a few occasions, I would actually hear a couple people in a squad talking, but very rarely.

        So does anybody have any ideas whats up?

        Thanks for any help!

        Edit: Sorry I just realized this thread is basically 3 posts down... but there was no real final answer as how to fix it anyways. Ill try whats been said in that thread first.
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          Re: VOIP Problem?

          Hey guys,

          Found the solution to my problem. All I had to do was use Software settings on high quality and have all the ports open for BF2 as possible. They can be found near the back of the booklet in case you need them.


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            Re: VOIP Problem?

            I had a problem with SoundMax not working for BF2142's VOIP. All settings were correct, and all tests would perform flawlessly. Once entering play, the VOIP would automatically disable.

            My solution was to go into (any one of these):
            Windows XP Control Panel > Sounds & Audio Devices > Volume Tab > Speaker Settings Section > Click Advanced Button
            XP Control Panel > Sounds & Audio Devices > Audio > Sound Playback Section > Click Advanced Button
            XP Control Panel > Sounds & Audio Devices > Voice Tab > Voice Playback Section > Click Advanced Button

            Any one of those will bring up the Advanced Audio Properties Window.
            Go into > Performance Tab

            Then I adjusted the Hardware Acceleration Slider from "Full" down to "Basic".

            This solved my VOIP Disable Issue.




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