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  • inverted mouse in menus

    Now, I know that this is an issue inherent in BF2 itself, but bear with me here...
    I had started playing BF2 with the problem, that the inverted mouse option inverts the mouse in the squad/kit/commander screens. After getting used to it over the course of a few weeks, suddenly the problem went away and the mouse was acting properly in these screens. However, last night I was looking at my controls and trying to figure out what a default action was to find out what it was supposed to be in my custom config. I hit "Reset to Default" to find out, then hit "cancel changes" to keep my own config. Problem was, it didn't cancel but went back to defaults, including the inverted mouse in these screens. Now I'm all thumbs again!

    Sorry if this has been covered, but I did searches all over these boards and the PBF forums and didn't find a suitable answer. i'm also a bit loopy after oral surgery, so be gentle.
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