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Razer Diamondback problems

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  • Razer Diamondback problems

    Ive recently upgraded to a Razer but it seems buttons 5 and 7 are hard-mapped to Axis 2/-2 (zoom/switch weapon) - that job is done by the scroll wheel anyway and I want them free for comms. It seems hard-wired asthey have resisted my feeble attempts both in in-game controls and in Razer config to change them - changing in the game Control menu means I lose Zoom off the scroll wheel too, whilst fiddling with Razer config has yielded 0 results.

    Also, I thought the way to change sensivity in-game was to hold 4 and use scroll wheel to change. This simply results in me flipping through weapons/zooming with no apprarent effect on sensivity.

    I have never had a Razer product before (obviously) :-) and I have 6.01 (latest) drivers

    The reason I am so keen to fiddle with sensivity as I alternate between sniper and assualt/support and I want both slow and quick-twitch settings.

    What are the recommended base sensivity settings for (a) sniper and (b) assault (in the advent it is too difficult to change in-game).



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