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  • Mic Troubles Help

    k well ive had my mic for a while now and just recently it has stopped working. Like it will work for 5 minutes on the server and then the little voice icon in the squad will disappear and i can no longer say anything to the rest of my squad or hear what they are saying. It has just recently been doing this with the new computer i bought, but i have no idea how to fix it. So could someone generously help me fix my mic problem thanks. As i love using the mic and i find it is really boring without using it.

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    Re: Mic Troubles Help

    From time to time I have issues with my mic.

    try going to Microsoft update and updating your piece.

    some controled pc shutdowns and restarts may help.

    in the game, Go to the sound options and try hardware or software for you set-up.

    Make sure it works on teamspeak first for some good troubleshooting.

    Double check a family member did not blank with your controls.

    Lastly, make sure it is not muted. But, like you typed it is going in and out. I have never had that problem.
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      Re: Mic Troubles Help

      Hear ye! The end is nigh as Rick doth give computer advice!

      Try Ricks suggestions and then try opening all ports used by BF2 in your hardware and software firewalls.
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        Re: Mic Troubles Help

        is it a possibility that my new computers sound card is outta wack?


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          Re: Mic Troubles Help

          I know this may sound stupid, reinstall the drivers for your sound card. I have onboard sound but have seen other cards especially certain Creative cards have issues finding the drivers for the sound card to work properly. For some reason everytime I do a disk cleanup my ATI video drivers and my Realtek AC'97 sound drivers get messed up and I need to reinstall them. I have had this problem since I have had my video card for 2 years now, I am use to it, lol.
          Also, check the audio properties to make sure all the settings are set the way they should be(in the recording section the mic is turned on and most people have Mic Boost on). I can set thse properties then install BF2 or any mod after it and for some reason my recording Mic changes, either getting turned down or the mic boost is unchecked.
          Another thing, you use front mic port or the rear? Sometimes the wires on MB might be set wrong for the front audio ports. Might check the MB's wiring diagram to double check it, if it is a pre-assembled computer you can find the manual online by searching or going straight to the manufacturers site.




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