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Not launching anymore -- weird error.

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  • Not launching anymore -- weird error.

    Pentium 4, 3.00 GHz
    2 GB DDR2 RAM
    Radeon x1650 (512 MB)

    I'm having some problems with Battlefield 2... Completely out of the blue, following a return from a weekend out with my partner.

    When I click on the shortcut or EXE of BF2, it shows me the splash screen... Which then promptly shuts down, as it should do.... However, the executable does not open. I am stuck with a BF2.exe in my task manager, using 50% of my CPU.

    I can leave it for hours, and it will not open.

    I have tried the following:

    Disk Cleanup
    Virus Scan
    Spyware Scan
    Restarting the PC

    and I tried opening the game in compatability mode for windows 2000.

    I have Windows XP SP2, and I am on a network.

    I have played numerous times before-- everyday for the past year. It's just decided to play up since this weekend.

    Any ideas?
    Do you need any extra information?

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    Re: Not launching anymore -- weird error.

    Hm. I only get this error after I have installed a patch.

    Maybe the patch I got from the torrent website is dodgy.

    Anyone else know of any decent speeded downloads for the 1.4 full patch?


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      Re: Not launching anymore -- weird error.

      The current patch is 1.41, not 1.4

      I cant really give you any decent download sites I'm afraid... been a long time since I downloaded it... I'm in the UK anyway, so if you are in the States you probably wouldn't get the same sort of speeds as I do from places I do use (usually try to find host's in my country).

      BTW, I get this exact same problem also sometimes... but I know for a fact that mine is caused by my dodgy DVD drive that I need to replace. It seems to struggle reading my BF2 discs (Vanilla or SF) sometimes, completely random and a bit weird really.
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        Re: Not launching anymore -- weird error.

        These guys are pretty good. I'm in North America and they are fast for me.


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