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Strange Stutter when switching games

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  • Strange Stutter when switching games

    I play BF2 and BF2142, both regularly. The issue I'm getting is that when I stop playing one and switch to the other game I get lag stutters for about the first 2-5 minutes of play. I seems to be worse the longer I go between changing games.

    I.e. Play BF2142 for a day. Next day play BF2 ( or vice verse) for the first 2-5 minutes of game play It lag stutters every so often.

    I have changed the pb_sleep to 500 and it seems to have extended the time between lags but that could be my imagination.

    Anyone else get this?

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    Re: Strange Stutter when switching games

    I would strongly recommend a fresh boot between switching games. As we all know BF2 and BF2142 are tremendously resource hungry applications that utilize almost all the system memory and use a good portion of the page file. This is why it is recommended to shutdown almost all background processes before starting them up. After playing one or the other your system memory is going to be a little disarrayed. Restarting the PC will clear everything out nad make your switch much more smooth overall. In fact, whenvever I am done playing BF2, no matter what I do next (web, word processing, another game), I always restart my PC.

    I realize it takes more time but I highly recommend it no matter how high-end your system.




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