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  • Crashes in PR

    Some of you may know me as I play on the TG PR server quite regularly. I've been playing for some time now, and every now and again, the game would crash. It wasn't a fuss, and I accepted it. However, recently, it has been driving me up the wall.
    As some may know, I often command, and in the past week, these random crashes have been out of control. I just crashed from commanding in Zatar Wetlands and crashed in Gulf of Oman 3 times. It's a pain to wait for an open slot every 5 minutes.
    I am extremely frustrated. I think I might have to reinstall (Which may be a pain), but before I do, I'd like to get some of your opinions on this. The game just crashes to desktop at seemingly random points of play.
    Also, this problem seems exclusive to PR: Vanilla BF2 and POE run without a htich.
    Here are my system specifications:
    -E6800 Conroe Xtreme Edition
    -4GB DDR2667 RAM
    -Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit
    -Onboard sound (Till creative fixes their damn 64 bit drivers)
    -NForce 590 SLi (Intel) for motherboard

    Any help would be appreciated, as I'm at my wit's end.
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    Re: Crashes in PR

    Yes, I have installed all the Vista hotifixes, and my drivers are working fine. I think I fixed the problem without re-installation. If you delete the "Battlefield 2" folder in your "My Documents" it completely resets the game.

    Its cleared up crashes and made loading/verification faster. I suggest that everyone should do it once in a while. Clears up the clutter. You do have to reset all your settings/controls though.


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      Re: Crashes in PR

      Just delete the mods directory under that folder, that deletes the cache and keeps the controls which are just text files

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