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  • bizzare problem

    ok guys i will try to do this quick.
    my pc was working fine.... i went away, for 2 months. i came back i use my pc...boom my HD...cooked.
    i replaced it, and of course first thing i reinstall bf2. installation was perfect, i install the new patches also.
    and now here comes the problem.
    when i try to start the game, i can hear my dvd driver working, my screen goes black as usually for 2-3 seconds and then the game start loading.....but this time after the black screen it just takes me back to the desktop. it seems that it can't see the disk, but no error messege, nothing, just back to desktop.
    i try to put another dvd...dvd driver works. kinda of weird cause it doesn't giving me any error, so i dont even know for what to look for!!!
    if it was the dvd or if the dvd driver, it should have a problem from the beginning, when i was installing right?
    pls guys if you have any ideas let me know.

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    Re: bizzare problem

    ok i think i found the problem......just in case anyone has the same thing...the patch 1.41 i download from ea manager i guess, is no good. so when i install game in the original version is good to go , when i patch it, it wont even start the game.
    no if i only can found a link to download 1.41 faster than the ea side cause it will take 6 hours!!!! and i do have a cable!!!!


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      Re: bizzare problem

      Try here


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        Re: bizzare problem

        thanks man..that help alot, was way faster....the problem thought is that still i cant patch the game. niether with the one i got from ea manager or the one you told me.
        so i guess is not the patch file. but still cant figure it out why i cant patch goes up to 20% and then says patching failed!!!


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          Re: bizzare problem

          Hoping not to offend your intelligence in any way, I believe the most common reason for the patching to fail is insufficient hard-drive space. Unlikely since you just replaced it though. You probably have loads of space left. I believe it requires 1gb and definitely less then 2gb of free disk space.

          Well you never know, anyone can forget to plug it in :o.


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            Re: bizzare problem

            actually it was the first thing i check. but yes i do have enough space to install it.
            i separate my HD space into (C:) which i have about 85 gb free and (D:) 179gb.. i use it like that to make it easier to "clean" and find problems. i used to have it before like this too and all the games were fine.!
            thanks though keep the suggestions coming cause i just cant take it without playing man. i need to shoot things.!!!!!!!


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              Re: bizzare problem

              I think the most reliable way of downloading a patch is via torrent. I believe a torrent will automatically be checked for 100% integrity.

              Has your problem been fixed by now?

              Other things that come to mind are:
              Is it an issue with administrator privileges?
              XP or Vista?
              A security program?

              A suggestion:
              Try to install to install the patch in safe-mode, and if that doesn't work, install the whole game in safe-mode.

              In the end I would think that something is blocking the install rather then the files being corrupt.


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                Re: bizzare problem

                im having the same issue as you its a video card issue and ive had it in the past i just cant recall how i solved it and its driving me nuts make sure you let me know please lol good luck too you




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