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Punkbuster again !

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  • Punkbuster again !

    I get kicked by PB after a couple of minutes in a server.
    Error: PB can't communicate bla bla bla
    Did the manual update, and still the same thing.

    All firewalls are off.
    Nothing has changed on my setup since yesterday.

    It's driving me nutz

    ...any suggestions?

    reinstalled patch and still no luck, getting a little pissy now......
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    Re: Punkbuster again !

    If you haven't already, try d/loading and runnning this

    It has helped a few people out that I know
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      Re: Punkbuster again !

      Thanks Iceman, this actually helped a problem i was having with my battlefield 2 Punkbuster.

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        Re: Punkbuster again !

        oh iceman,i have some things you can try,Contact me on xfire (desertdogg) if it still hasnt been working.
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          Re: Punkbuster again !

          Thanks guy's ! PB.exe did the job eventually.
          Those Punkbuster prolems are getting under my skin, lately.


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            Re: Punkbuster again !

            Today I was getting lots of disconnections which were finally solved by manually updating punkbuster. So if you're getting repeated disconnections goto the website listed in the start of this thread.




            TeamSpeak 3 Server


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