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Crashing to desktop problem.

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  • Crashing to desktop problem.

    Hey guys i have a problem with BF2
    I have installed it, patched it to 1.41 and now i had an issue starting it up, that was fixed, now when i try to connect to a server it crashes (when i click "Join game") to desktop, no error what-so-ever.

    My spec;
    Manufacturer: VIA Technologies, Inc.
    Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.53GHz, ~2.5GHz
    Memory: 1022MB RAM
    Video Card: RADEON X800 GTO
    Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate

    I have known it worked with BF2 before i had windows vista earlier on before my internet was cut, and i was able to play with Vista and BF2142.
    Now i installed it to play with my clan mates but i cant play, ive tried searching loads and loads of sites and nothing has fixed my problem
    I tried running it in windows mode
    I got the mini-image thing since i downloaded it from web (i got CDkey from a previous "bought" BF2 but lost CD during move)
    is there anyone who can help me? It would be appreciated :D

    Min0rity aKa Pegasus


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    Re: Crashing to desktop problem.

    Originally posted by G--Man
    Are you trying to connect to Vanilla BF2 games or one of the Mods. If it's one of the mods this is a classic case of you not having the latest version of that particular mod. What is displayed as your version maybe 1.41 didn't take?

    There are three ways you can verify your version number once you start the game.

    The first is at the login screen in the lower left corner (as shown below).

    Secondly, once the game is started and you have logged in, you can find the version number near the top right corner of the menu screen under the quit button (as shown below).

    Finally, if you are running the game in a window, the version number will be in the title bar of your Battlefield 2 window.

    Un-updateed game.
    Version 1.01 update installed.
    Version 1.02 update installed.
    Version 1.03 update installed.
    Version 1.12 update installed.
    Version 1.2 update installed.
    Version 1.21 update installed.
    Version 1.22 update installed.
    Version 1.3 update installed.
    Version 1.4 update installed.
    Version 1.41 update installed.
    Yeah, its updated to 1.41, cause thats what i did when i installed the game, update it first.. Then play, i am not trying to play on a server with mods, i mean its been months since i played BF2 and pretty much then about like 1-2 years into BF2 i started doin mods but now i just wanna play BF2. Just keeps crashing whenever i try to join a server that has the same patch as i got(which is 1.41) and crashes before the loading screen appears.



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      Re: Crashing to desktop problem.

      i just got the game n i installed the patch n game but right when i start it it dosent load up anyone kno a website where i kan get the new update for my card anoyne might no what the problem is?




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