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Launching BF2 starts up BF 2142?

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  • Launching BF2 starts up BF 2142?

    Yes, you read right. I've had issues with BF2 since I got it....could never get the drive to read the disk but today by chance it managed to load it up and I was able to install. The problem is now when I clicked on the desktop icon for BF2, the splash screen for 2142 comes up for a couple of seconds and then goes away. I do have the BF2 DVD in the drive, not the 2142 disc. When I tried running 2142, it asked for the correct DVD so I figured that was okay.

    Either way, has anyone experienced anything odd like this? Any suggestions?
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    Re: Launching BF2 starts up BF 2142?

    I have, for some unknown reason I think the registry may get corrupted and think the icon to BF2 may pop open BF2142. To correct it all I did was deleted the icon and then went into the BF2 folder and right clicked on the BF2.exe and sent it to desktop(shortcut) After doing that I right clicked on the icon and then properties and changed the way the icon looked.




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