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need help with installing BF2 with vista =[

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  • need help with installing BF2 with vista =[

    hey i need help!!! I bought BF2 awhile ago. I installed it about a year ago with my old computer with windows xp. I recently got a new computer with vista. I tried installing it and i was reading some of the other posts. it said to run as administrator and run the program as Windows XP (Service Pack 2). I did those but i keep getting this error saying :

    "Error Code: -5005 : 0x80070017
    Error Information:
    >Kernel\KernelMedia.cpp (95)
    >SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (1654)
    pAPP:Battlefield 2(TM)
    @Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600) IE 7.0.6000.16643"

    if anyone can help its VERY much appreciated.


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    Re: need help with installing BF2 with vista =[

    I was doing some research on your problem and need a bit more information.

    First are you certain that error code isn't -5006 : 0x80070017 ?? While it may be possible I can not find as much on -5005 with that error code combo but I find things on -5006. From what I found I have below the questions.

    Is this error happening on installation of BF2?

    Are you running Vista 64 and if so do you have 4GB of RAM installed?

    Does your error look kind of like what is pictured in this post? Link

    Make certain your DVD of BF2 is clean and free of scratches. It may be having a hard time reading it.

    There is also a possibility that you are not installing the game with Admin Privileges. You mentioned doing that but I'm not certain if you did it while running the game or did it while installing the game.

    Also please check out this website. The information does not pertain to BF2 but the solutions are probably what you have to do. You will have to just follow it to a certain point and ignore the parts referring directly to their program.

    I also found exactly what the error technically means:
    The other error code 0x80070017 is basically a win 32 error code and it means "Data error (cyclic redundancy check)." My guess is you data (the setup ) is somehow corrupted. Try rebuild your setup.
    I also found this possible solution:
    Launching it from the "Add new Programs" dialog may fix it.

    Please try this:
    1. Open My Computer -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs
    2. Click on the "Add New Programs" button on the left.
    3. Click on the "CD or Floppy" button.
    4. In the dialog that opens, click "Next" to let Windows try to find the executable from the CD or floppy (it won't, because it's not named "setup.exe")
    5. When it's done looking, hit "Browse" to find the location of the installer (You'll have to change the file types to show "All Files", otherwise it will only show files named "setup.exe").
    6. With your installer selected, hit "Finish" to launch it.
    Here is something else about updating Installshield Software:

    Another possible solution.
    During initialization your setup may stop with error -5005 : 0x8007000d, referencing KernelMedia.cpp and SetupDLL.cpp. This happens if a sub folder in your Disk1 directory includes a file with .hdr extension. Essentially this prevents you from placing sub installations in a folder beneath the main setup.
    Put your main setup in a folder (not the root of your CD) and place the sub install in a folder at the same level. Or add another folder level between your main setup and the sub setup (i.e. put it in a sub-sub-folder)
    Bottom line is Installshield is messing up on installation of BF2. So it might be a last resort but you can attempt to go to their forum: When you start the Installshield it should say the version. Then post your exact problem in the correct forum subsection. They may have better info for you. A screen shot of the actual error might also help with the initial post there.

    Good luck!

    P.S. Can I get a Tech Support Ribbon? ;)
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