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Bf2 constantly closes without an error

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  • Bf2 constantly closes without an error

    I can first play Bf2 for approx 30-60 mins, then it closes suddenly with no error. Then if i go back on bf2 it closes within 5 mins of playing still with no error. I have also tried to see if it is over heating so i checked the temperatures and after gaming the increased by a maximum of degrees. I have reinstalled the game twice and it is a legit copy bought from a store. Also i am not using a no-cd patch or any mods.

    Here is my system specs:

    Core 2 duo 2.4ghz processor
    2Gb ram
    Nvidia 7600gt graphics card.
    Windows Xp sp3

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    Re: Bf2 constantly closes without an error

    anyone please i really want to play bf2


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      Re: Bf2 constantly closes without an error

      I have never heard of something like this. Try going onto the EA support website for some more input. But i doubt that they will have any better answers then we might. Sorry.

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        Re: Bf2 constantly closes without an error

        That is a strange problem. I have no idea what it is, but here are the first things I would try:

        1. Make sure you have the latest graphics / sound drivers for your system installed. Check windows update to make sure you have your OS software up to date.

        2. Lower the graphics settings down to the minimums and see if that helps.

        3. Terminate any unneeded processes before you start BF2. It could be some sort of conflict with another program, although that seems unlikely.

        Hope that helps you. Good luck.


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          Re: Bf2 constantly closes without an error

          thanks for actually replying. I have contacted EA they tried and it didnt work and i did everything you did loktight and it still does it.


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            Re: Bf2 constantly closes without an error

            Turvs did you patch BF2 up to the latest patch after installing or you trying to run it with the release version?

            Did you just upgrade your video card? If so, is your power supply adequate to run with the new card?

            Have you tried just playing in single player mode?

            Have you messed with your bios settings, specifically memory clock timings and such?

            Is BF2 leaving a crash log in /My Documents/Battlefield 2/dmp/ ?

            Just trying to think of things that might isolate the problem.


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              Re: Bf2 constantly closes without an error

              loktight @

              I didnt play long enough on the original patch for it to close. i updated practically straight away.

              I upgraded my video card and sound. And my PSU should be able to run my graphics card cos it has been on every other game for the past year. Also i can play crysis on medium settings with no problem so should be a case of graphics.

              I have tried it on single player mode and it still closed on me.

              Nope i dont know how to change my bios settings.

              It does not leave a crash log.

              And thanks again.


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                Re: Bf2 constantly closes without an error

                I had the same prob, and my answer to it was the CPU was overheating, so I bought a bigger fan to cool it and that was it! After that everything ran smoothly.
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                  Re: Bf2 constantly closes without an error

                  i checked my temps they were all fine.


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                    Re: Bf2 constantly closes without an error

                    i have the same problem with BF 2 and 2142. I was getting alot of green blotching too but that was because my graphics card fan had seized I fixed that and the green blotching went away but every once and a while I get kicked out of the game with no error or it freezes up and I can;t even ctrl alt delete etc so i have to reset. I have gone through everything as well. Heat, drivers, programs running in background, bios settings, clock speeds. I even went to a BF 2142 specific tweak guide and followed it to a T and i still have same problem.

                    So my solution is, I;m goingtto buy a new computer. LOL but seriously I am going to have a new computer built by some computer genius and have him optimize it for BF cause thats the only game i play other than CSS. then i will only use that computer for gaming and use the one i;m on now for everything else

                    if you figure anything out let me know


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                      Re: Bf2 constantly closes without an error

                      It seems really unlikely but go back to XP SP2 and try it. Might work. To uninstall SP3 go to Control panel-Add or Remove Programs then look for Windows XP Service Pack 3. Uninstall it, i think you have to restart, then try it. I suggest not trying it unless you know wat ur doing to ur darned machine.


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                        Re: Bf2 constantly closes without an error

                        yea i already downgraded to xp sp2. And i dont have enough money to buy a new pc and this one is only a year old.

                        these are some of the things i rememberdoing to try and fix it.

                        I have uninstalled it 3 times, currently using version v1.41.
                        Updated directxc june 08.
                        Updated graphics drivers.
                        Updated sound card drivers.
                        Cleaned fans on the side and inside the pc.
                        Recorded the temps to see if it is over heating and it isnt.
                        Not using any mods/hacks/no-cd patches.
                        Turned off firewall.
                        Lowered graphics
                        Downgraded from Xp sp3 to Xp sp2.
                        Reinstalled PB.
                        Updated PB.
                        Tried it on single player still does it.
                        Deleted all temp files.
                        Deleted my profiles n settings in My Documents/Battlefield 2.
                        Nothing is overclocked.
                        Turned off DEP.

                        Thats all i can remember that i have done.


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                          Re: Bf2 constantly closes without an error

                          my game crashed to desktop with no errors between maps, and it is becoming more common :( Wonder if EA or PB is doing something to cause this :( Anyways, I just have to restart the game and it is fine.

                          I am running:
                          8800GTS 512
                          4gig memory
                          XFI Fatality Platinum

                          might be time for a reinstall of everything with a thorugh cleaning.


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                            Re: Bf2 constantly closes without an error

                            Getting it too on Project Reality. No grind of processing as it crashes, nothing but sweet silence as if nothing was happening as so bizzar as playing PR and hello desktop.

                            I have covered most of the above too (apart from the clocking and the more tech stuff, but re-installing, updating drivers and checking fans etc, yeah).

                            A few people have mentioned they are having problems in crashing too when I have asked about.


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                              Re: Bf2 constantly closes without an error

                              I posted this in response to another guy with a similar problem. It happened to me and it drove me nuts. Crashes can be caused be almost anything so you should use the debugger tools to narrow it down.

                              Originally posted by jb4 View Post
                              I had a similar problem recently that in my case is it was caused by a conflict between DirectX 9c and the EAX sound function in my Fatallity Pro Gamer card. When I select render sound from "Software" vs the actual game card itself, it does not happen.

                              The way I got to that point was to download Windows Debugging Tools and open the BF2 crash file (.dmp). The BF2 crash files are stored in your Documents>BF2>dmp folder. Once you use the debugger and select "open dump file" and then choose your most recent BF2 .dmp file it will open it. At the bottom of that window is a line you can enter commands and the 2 most frequently used will be ".ecxr" and "!analyze -v". You will probably get a message referring to wrong symbols but if you look toward the bottom it usually tells you where the conflict is and you can probably tell by the file names what may be causing it.




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