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  • PR woes

    They're not exactly mine either.
    My brother just got BF2. Bought it through EA via digital download, so he has no discs to put in the drive to play, as so many of us long time BF2 players do. Long story short, I installed and patched it to 1.41. Yay. Downloaded and installed both PR files (core/levels) as per usual. Checked the shortcut to make sure it points to pr.exe instead of bf2.exe. All good to go, right? No.

    Every time I try to run PR, the stupid "run pr.exe instead of bf2.exe" screen shows up. Problem is, I AM running pr.exe. I figure it's gotta be a problem related to the digital copy of bf2. Oh yeah, and every time I run it, it opens the EA download manager as well. Yum.

    Notes: He's running vista. No problem there, so am I and I've been playing PR on it for years now. UAC is turned off. Run as administrator has been tried. Run in XP compatability mode has been tried. I've reinstalled/patched twice, nothing doing. No, I'm not going to go get a disc copy of the game to make it easier, i'd much rather just have a solution.

    So if anyone knows a workaround for this, I'm very interested in getting it rolling this afternoon after I get off work.


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    Re: PR woes

    Any Chance the PR install overwrote the 1.41 patch? Maybe rerun the patch for BF 2 again to see if anything is "Cleaned up". I jsut did a clean install yesterday but from a BF2 DVD and then all the boosters, patch and then PR... I had some sore of HASH MD5 error with Punkbuster and got I re-ran the 1.41 PAtch and so far no issues... (Except the server is down..) ;-(
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      Re: PR woes

      This might help. Seems the EA store version causes some problems to many people.


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        Re: PR woes

        Best fix:

        - make an iso image of YOUR bf2 disc using alcohol 120%, nero or simular program.

        - Install your brothers game by mounting the iso file you created, using daemon tools or a simular emulator program.

        - when prompted for CD key, use the key that he he got from EA when he purchased the game.

        - Keep the iso mounted and play BF2 normally.

        Ive been using this method for the 3 years BF2 has been out without a problem. As soon as I buy a game, I copy it, then put the disc away. Unforunately EA downloader was prety half baked "me-too" idea after they saw how succesful steam was. It does not have very good support, especially when it comes to mods.




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