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  • Problem,Problem,Problem..............

    Hi to all After 2 days spent in attempts to install PR 0.8 ... I didn`t make it :(. Here the first problem( solved):

    ''Hi all . Today I installed patch 1.41 than PR 0.8 when I tryid to start it this was the answer :

    bf2.exe does not exist. Please check your working directory!:The system cannot find the file specified

    I have battlefield 2

    about the patch- I started the installation--> chose english than started to install--> after 3-4 minutes it showed me finish and I clicked on it ( nothing new.. I even don`t know what is for this patch)

    than I downloaded PR 0.8 started to install it chose full installation . after the installation I clicked on the icon on my desktop and:

    ''bf2.exe does not exist. Please check your working directory!:The system cannot find the file specified''
    this was solved easy

    than I managed to install PR but:

    ''when I started the game it showed another problem :
    Failed to load Effect:StaticMesh.fx
    StaticMesh.fx(2):error x1507:failed to open source file:

    Any Ideas ? ''

    I unninstalled everything delete all bf2 files than installed it again. But after that I started installing patch 1.41 and again......... problem:

    It load install shield wizard and before the main installation...error: ''Can`t find install folder for Battlefield 2(TM). ''

    So for now this is my problem- how to make this stupid patch(or may be I am stupid) to find this FU`K`n bf2 install folder ! And I hope if the problem is solved There wouldn`t be any after that ....

    These things make me so nervous that I kick my cat everytime I see it in my room :D WOW

    Sorry for my bad english, 10x for attention and I hope you can help me :)



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    Re: Problem,Problem,Problem..............

    Help please !!!


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      Re: Problem,Problem,Problem.............. has a wealth of support and information on their PR mod and would be the best place to first look if having issues with your install a quick look on the forums there shows:

      If you get this error when your entering PR.Exe " Shaders was not found blablabla StaticMesh.fx"

      Then do the following stepps:

      1. Go to EA Games/Battlefield2/mods/bf2 (Or whatever directory you have, but note that you must get inside mods/bf2)

      2. Scroll down and you will see a folder named "Shaders_Client" Open up that folder and there will be allot of diffrent files, COPY ALL OF THEM! and then past them in the folder named "Shaders" you can find that folder in Battlefield2/mods/Bf2/Shaders, and once you pasted all off the files, then your done and ready for some serious gaming
      Perhaps this will be of help to you.


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        Re: Problem,Problem,Problem..............

        Thank you a lot I`ll correct this for sure next time but now my problem is that the patch can not be installed- it can`t find the bf2 install folder


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          Re: Problem,Problem,Problem..............

          Perhaps the Battle Field install is missing the install path in its registry entry.

          1.Go To Start > Run > Type “regedit” (without quotes)

          2. Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Electronic Arts\EA Games\Battlefield 2

          You should see one file called InstallDir with a path under data. Right click it and choose modify. Check the path to be sure its correct. If you don't have a InstallDir entry go ahead and make one.
          Right click on the right hand window and go on NEW string value,then enter InstallDir for the string name and for the value enter C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2 or whatever the actual path is. See if that helps.


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            Re: Problem,Problem,Problem..............

            I made these things for shaders but nothing new .. the same

            but thanks A lot MAN !!!




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