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  • bf2 install problem

    I've played bf2 before, and it would boot me to desktop at random times, but im using a different comp now, and i try to install bf2, i enter the cd, click instal, type in the code, accept terms, blah blah, then it starts installing, enter cd 2, i do, then i get an error saying bf2 failed to install please start from the begging, i do, re enter cd 1, and it does the same thing, i clean the cd's, try again, same thing, Whats up?

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    Re: bf2 install problem

    If you're installing from the originals, be sure to clear out ANY old
    BF2 installation folders in C:\Documents and Settings\"YOUR LOGIN"\My Documents\Battlefield 2 also C:\Program Files\EA GAMES before you try reinstalling (so no old copies

    Before installing Project Reality 0.8, make sure your Battlefield 2 installation
    is patched to the newest Version (currently 1.41). If you own the Add-On or
    Booster Packs, the order of installation is as listed below:
    1) Battlefield 2
    2) Add-On: Special Forces (if available)
    3) Booster Pack: Euro Force (if available)
    4) Booster Pack: Armored Fury (if available)
    5) Full Patch to 1.41
    6) Project Reality 0.8 core installer
    7) Project Reality 0.8 levels installer
    If you have a previous installation of Project Reality (0.75 or lower) on
    your computer, you should completely remove the PR directory which
    is located in the mods folder of your BF2 installation
    Also if you have a previous installation of Project Reality (0.7 or lower),
    you should delete the existing shortcuts before installing 0.8
    If you receive a warning screen when starting Project Reality, this is most
    likely due to a bad shortcut or joining via Xfire. Please use the shortcut
    provided by the PR 0.8 installer to start the game.

    Also run cc clener to clean reg

    Defrag before and after.....good luck
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