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VOIP problem... please help

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  • VOIP problem... please help

    I cant get my BF2 VOIP to work. I've have been trying for a month now and it wont work with 1.41. It works fine when i reinstall the game, but as soon as I update to 1.41 it wont work. I've done the full update, and the individual updates. My mic works great with Vent, TS, BF2142, WoW, CS..... Pretty much with every game excpet BF2 1.41. I love PR and not being able to speak is Killing me!

    Here is the list of things that ive tried.

    1. All the DXDIAG tricks has been done

    2. All windows Mic checks are done.

    3. Mic boost in checked in windows and in game.

    4. Mic works when I try BF2VoiceSetup.exe, but it wont save when I exit.

    5. I can hear my mic for a sec when doing the in game test (Audio Options) then it dies.

    6. Mic Boost is check in game and in windows.

    7. Reinstalled the game several times.

    I ve tried it all..... Someone please help me.

    Windows XP
    P dual core
    SB audio 24bit

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    Re: VOIP problem... please help

    I had a problem with my VOiP just the other night. When I would start a game I had VOiP but somewhere in game I lost it and would not get it back no matter what I tried. Only way was closing out of PR completely and then restarting it, not an option when you are not a SM, you loose your spot in milliseconds on the TG PR server.
    I ended up completely uninstalling all my sound card drivers and then downloaded my drivers again and then installed them, so far all has been doing fine. Have no idea what could have caused this but I had no issues when I first built my computer and played PR for a while, of course I had not played in almost 10 months and just reinstalled everything to play PR.


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      Re: VOIP problem... please help

      One thing you havnt listed Fella....Check your mic Treshhold is not to high...Set it about 10.
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