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BF2/2142 Hit reg fix ( hitfixer )

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  • BF2/2142 Hit reg fix ( hitfixer )

    All credits go to DupaUnit for making this. Official thread is here.

    IndEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeE eEeEeEeEeEeE

    Battlefield HitFixer
    for Windows Vista and XP
    • Features:
    • Improves Battlefield "HitReg" so you hit what you shoot
    • Works with Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142
    • BFSoap for Battlefield maintenance
    • Now prevents MD5 Modified Usersettings kicks
    • Automatic Updates
    • Ability to Set Custom Hotkey
    • Ability to customize all Usersettings options
    • Ability to Customize HitReg Algorithm

    • [media][/media]

    • Battlefield HitFixer is a small application that automatically inputs the BF2/2142 latency settings into the console and optimizes hit registration. These changes will improve your hitboxes, cause more of your shots to hit your targets and cause less "dust" while shooting enemies.
    • This application has been checked by Punkbuster, so it is 100% safe to use and will not cause bans.
    • There is no install necessary. Just download and run.

    NOTE: Punkbuster has released an update where admins have the choice of a server setting that can kick for any Autohotkey app. This can result in a 1 to 2 minute kick for using HitFixer, but will NOT cause a ban. If you find you get kicked from a server for "illegal program/driver," simply close HitFixer whenever you play on that specific server.

    If you find that HitFixer doesn't help your hit reg, try entering different values. If your ping is 50, you set HitFixer to 50 and your hit reg still doesn't feel right, try entering 55, 60, or even 65.

    If you are using Vista and cannot run HitFixer, make sure you are running it with administrator privileges. To do this, right click on the HitFixer file, go to properties, click the "Compatibility" tab, then make sure "Run this Program as an Administrator" is checked.


    Download HitFixer 2.00: (Right click and select "Save Link/Target As") (54 KB, AHK version)
    Note: You must first download and install AutoHotkey to use this version

    Previous Versions

    Download HitFixer 1.41: (203 KB, EXE version)
    Download HitFixer 1.41: (16 KB, AHK version)

    HitFixer Video Demonstration:
    HitFixer Readme:

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    Re: BF2/2142 Hit reg fix

    Testing now.
    Good find.


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      Re: BF2/2142 Hit reg fix

      My previous version of AutoHotKey didn't work, but I downloaded the newer version in the main post and Hitfixer 2.0 worked fine. :) Just double-click the .ahk file that you downloaded. No need to run AutoHotKey separately unless file associations weren't set.
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        Re: BF2/2142 Hit reg fix ( hitfixer )

        So the question is: Is this legal for the TG server?


        Edit: Well, so far it seems legit, the video ROCKED (maybe now I can kill people =D) and hopefully, by magic, they can make all our Pings the same.
        Installed, and going to test at a later time.
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          Re: BF2/2142 Hit reg fix ( hitfixer )

          I've looked into the console settings that uses this lag estimate based on ping a long time ago. BF2 does this automatically. The only thing you could do to try and help was add manual values. So AFAIK this software is an automation of a manual option that is automatic with standard BF2 settigns. Therefore I think it is utterly useless. Superstition if you ask me. I haven't tested it though.

          I guess it could work in certain conditions, but I suspect it would fail again if you change servers, or if your ping changes.

          Does someone have convincing evidence of it working?


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            Re: BF2/2142 Hit reg fix ( hitfixer )

            To me this would be considered a hack, such as an aimbot. Reason why I consider it to be a hack is it is not the same default settings as every other normal player would be using and modifying settings to get better performance or kills in game. Playing with edited files or add-ons for a game is considered hacking to a lot of people.


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              Re: BF2/2142 Hit reg fix ( hitfixer )

              is playing with a different ping than everyone else a hack?

              BF2 assumes a ping of 100 and optimizes a few variables to work best with that. So if you've got a ping of 100, you'll have an advantage over others. All this application does is a one time modification of those parameters to work best with YOUR ping. It's not dynamic, and it doesn't give a huge advantage. In fact, all it does is type a few things into the in-game console for you.

              It's not a hack... anymore than calibrating your joystick is :)


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                Re: BF2/2142 Hit reg fix ( hitfixer )

                Man this helped me I think alot, I was ripping guys apart with the 98 on a FH server with it
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                  Re: BF2/2142 Hit reg fix ( hitfixer )

                  Doesn't do much for me with a ping of 35. Seems to be more helpful in other servers.


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                    Re: BF2/2142 Hit reg fix ( hitfixer )

                    Can somebody help me ? How do the settings translate into pings ? THere is a percentage bar and a ping offset bar, etc. If I have a ping of 150 how do I set it ?


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                      Re: BF2/2142 Hit reg fix ( hitfixer )

                      You left out something important:

                      Attention!!!! Please Read The Following Before Continuing!!!!

                      Since DICE has OFFICIALLY DECLARED THIS USELESS, I would like to request for a mod to lock this thread. Please do not delete it, in that it can be used as a reference for questions in the future people may have.

                      "No it wasn't. It wasn't designed to change at all.
                      The "fixes" don't make the game work any differently as the server is still running with the normal values that the game has. These changes just graphically make it look like something different is happening."

                      Courtesy of Bazajaytee, Associate Producer at DICE, EA forumns … legal.html Post Number 7


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                        Re: BF2/2142 Hit reg fix ( hitfixer )

                        Is this official ? Hitfixer is about as effective as the stimulus plan ? I was more hoping for a winner like viagra.


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                          Re: BF2/2142 Hit reg fix ( hitfixer )

                          The program is useless as mentioned on many other sites. I wouldn't recommend messing with the settings as you'll more than likely make things worse.

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                            Re: BF2/2142 Hit reg fix ( hitfixer )

                            This is just a typical online gaming superstition. People always desire this kind of thing. It's like a sportsman having magic underwear that he wears every game. Man is such a religious animal that he always desires there is some magic fix that will make you win.

                            I am quite convinced the people at dice are competent enough not to miss a somple 'improvement' as the one this fixer proposes. We need a double blind experiment to eliminate the placebo effect in this thread :). It's the only way.


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                              Re: BF2/2142 Hit reg fix ( hitfixer )

                              Originally posted by BigGaayAl View Post
                              I am quite convinced the people at dice are competent enough not to miss a simple 'improvement' as the one this fixer proposes.

                              When you have seen things from my side of the fence, you will be convinced otherwise.

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