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  • Locked myself out!

    Well, this is a bit annoying to say the least. Read through my steps and you'll see what my problem is.
    1. Download and install BF2 Complete Collection with EA Download Manager
    2. Register CD key against my email address in EA Link
    3. Open BF2 and create a new player name using my real name under the assumption that just like in BF2142, I can create multiple soldiers under my account.
    4. Discover that the name I just created is actually my in-game character's name, not just the name of the account.
    5. Discover that it is supposedly impossible to change your player name.
    6. Create a new, disposable email address at and register the DrPr0ctor player-name with that address.
    7. Find myself unable to enter the game with an invalid CD key error, presumably because the soodonims email address that I'm using is not registered with my downloaded copy of battlefield.
    8. Realise that I'm stuck playing the game as a character using my real-life name, which I definitely don't want to do.

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    Re: Locked myself out!

    1. Contact EA and ask for them to make the change if possible?
    2. Cancel the purchase with money-back (30 day limit i think) and order again. Do it right this time. :D




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