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How can my 'version be old' when it's 1.41!?

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  • How can my 'version be old' when it's 1.41!?

    There is a stupid problem I get when I go onto PR 0.8.

    99% of servers have a 'newer' version than me but I find that ridicuously silly because I have bf2 v1.41 patch. How is my version older! Are there more bf2 patches, do I download all the patches or what. WHAT THE HELL IS IT! I have bf2 deluxe edition so that automatically starts out of v1.3. If I have to download all patches again I might as well say goodbye to my bf2 disc, unless it is possible to revert the patch already set (1.3). THIS IS A BUMMER!

    I SPENT 1 DAY DOWNLOADING BF2 V1.41 AND BOTH PR 0.8 DOWNLOADS. And I get treated by not being allowed to play on 'newer' servers even though they DO NOT have a newer version!!!!! Somebody help me out! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?!?!?!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


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    Re: How can my 'version be old' when it's 1.41!?

    First of all. You need to calm down a lot before people are going to offer any kind of help towards you. Shouting (all caps) and excessive use of quotation marks will drive away at least 50% of readers before they even finish the first sentence. Shouting angrily at the forum base will net you far less help and attention. Treat people how you want to be treated...

    Now... Make sure your version is actually at 1.41.
    The ingame version should read: 1.1.2965-797.0 If not then report here what you have instead.

    Make sure your patch is intact and not corrupt.
    BF2 1.41 patch full client.

    Size: 536 MB (562,044,991 bytes)
    CRC32: 87F3AD7A
    MD5: 2D927E2FED9C349F99DD617ABFCA12E2
    SHA-1: 4956F67DBE8873D20F40F87E051F08170420E164

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      Re: How can my 'version be old' when it's 1.41!?

      My bad, my bad, but I've always encountered problems like this and it is just annoying because it's so frequent!

      ... Right-o, I'll check all that such and such.

      My ingame version is a few numbers off, reading 1.1.2963-795.0.

      What shall I do?
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        Re: How can my 'version be old' when it's 1.41!?

        1.1.2963-795.0. is BF2 version 1.40
        1.41 was released a few months after 1.40 to correct a minor issue with server/client communication.

        Get the 1.41 full client here:
        And run it.

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          Re: How can my 'version be old' when it's 1.41!?

          I agree with Drunken, just chill dude..

          This is what you require

          Before installing Project Reality 0.8, make sure your Battlefield 2 installation
          is patched to the newest Version (currently 1.41). If you own the Add-On or
          Booster Packs, the order of installation is as listed below:
          1) Battlefield 2
          2) Add-On: Special Forces (if available)
          3) Booster Pack: Euro Force (if available)
          4) Booster Pack: Armored Fury (if available)
          5) Full Patch to 1.41
          6) Project Reality 0.8 core installer
          7) Project Reality 0.8 levels installer
          If you have a previous installation of Project Reality (0.75 or lower) on
          your computer, you should completely remove the PR directory which
          is located in the mods folder of your BF2 installation
          Also if you have a previous installation of Project Reality (0.7 or lower),
          you should delete the existing shortcuts before installing 0.8

          All must be done in that order..

          Hope it helps
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