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  • Hello TG Community!

    Hello everyone!
    I am very happy that I found an organized community for BF2. Hope to enjoy my stay here and not to dissapoint you guys. I am new in BF2 but in past played a lot in CS so hopefully it will help some. I read a that you guys stress team work and that attracted me more than anything. Hope to learn how to become an effective member since in CS it was stressed more on individual score.

    I have another question. I read that PR is even more fun and realistic but for some reason I cant make it work. I updated my BF2 to patch 1.41 and installed 0.8 core and 0.8 levels for PR but can't make it work. I changed the shortcut to make it login but when i try to get to multiplayer or singleplayer I crash to desktop. Just incase I will give my system specifications and if anyone can help me I would appreciate it :)

    O/S: Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit
    MB: L1N64-WS/B
    CPUs: 2 x Opteron Quad Core 2347 (1.9Ghz)
    RAM: 8GB ECC
    Video Cards: 2 x 8800GT

    I read that cam can cause similar problems but I think I have more than enough but at the same time maybe my ecc ram causes it. Also read that multiple cpus must be disabled but not sure if it can help and dont know how it is done if needs to be done. Hope it can be fixed :)



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