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Bf2/PR Freezing with flickering screen.

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  • Bf2/PR Freezing with flickering screen.

    I have a problem that has affected not only PR, but all my games. WIC, CNC, BFVietnam, you name it.

    What happens is, the screen flickers, and the sky/terrain in the game flickers in black or gray. It becomes very choppy when this happens. In a few seconds it usually freezes. Most of the time, I have to use the small auto restart button, And sometimes, the more large Force-Shutdown button.

    Other times I'll have a Blue screen of death.

    I have tried these things:

    *Defragging the computer

    *Unistalling games.

    *Making space on the hard-drives by deleting folders and their contents.

    I had this problem a few times before with PR version 0.8, it did not happen as frequently as this. And I believe that is has something to do with graphical problems, because of all the flickering.

    One major issue I've noticed is an error tab, when I log into my account on the computer, and go to the desktop. It reads:


    Error loading C:/WINDOWS/system32/fuweyofa.dll

    The specified module could not be found.

    The word module scares me. I dont want to be missing out on all the fun in PR 0.85. Can anyone help?


    Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 (Build 2600).

    System Memory: 2048.5

    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.20GHz 3200.3 Mhz

    Processor Speed: 3200.3

    DirectX Version: 9.0c

    Display Device: NVIDIA GeForce 6200 A-LE

    Display Memory: 256.0

    Display Driver:

    Sound Device: Realtek AC97 Audio

    Sound Driver:

    Memory (System Total): 2048.5
    Memory (Virtual Total): 2047.9
    Memory (Pagefile Total): 3434.2

    Snapshot (System Available): 1597.5
    Snapshot (Virtual Available): 2003.5
    Snapshot (Pagefile Available): 3055.3

    Monitor Name: Plug and Play Monitor
    Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

    Mass Storage Decives (C:/):
    Type: Fixed
    File System: NTFS
    Total Space: 74.5 GB
    Free Space: 26.6 GB

    Mass Storage Devices (E:/):
    Type: Fixed
    File System: NTFS
    Total Space: 74.5 GB
    Free Space: 45.2 GB

    Display Device (Primary Only):

    NVIDIA GeForce 6200 A-LE

    Description : NVIDIA GeForce 6200 A-LE
    Manufacturer: NVIDIA Corporation
    GUID: D7B71E3E-4162-11CF-3275-3B010EC2CD35

    Module: nv4_disp.dll
    Date: 5-21-2007

    Local: 256.0
    Local: 246.5
    Non-Local: 246
    Texture: 492.5

    That's all the specs, I used The Electronic Arts' EasyInfo to find this out. Notice the Driver Module for the Video Card: nv4_disp.dll.
    I think it may have a connection.
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    Re: Bf2/PR Freezing with flickering screen.

    Sorry to say Fella

    Your EROOR relates to FUWEYOFA.DLL, Cloaked Malware

    Run this to detect and remove

    Also have you got the latest drivers for your grathics card, is the card locked into place on the Mobbo, is your DVI cable loose on card, or Screen, check all these things.

    Please let me know how you get on.

    Regards Warrior

    Edit latest drivers for you card are
    Version: 181.22
    Release Date: 22.01.2009
    Operating System: Windows XP, Windows XP Media Center Edition
    Language: English (International)

    Go here
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      Re: Bf2/PR Freezing with flickering screen.


      Your a saviour.



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        Re: Bf2/PR Freezing with flickering screen.

        Glad it's fixed it mate...see you on the battlefield.
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