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BF2 saying the server's full, but it isn't?

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  • BF2 saying the server's full, but it isn't?

    Well I had a strange event happen today.

    I was trying to join the PR server this morning when it had like 30 people in it, when Battlefield 2 just decided to say "Server is full."

    I checked the numbers again, and they still said 30/64, so I tried again.

    Same deal. "Server is full."

    So thinking something's up with the server, I decided to join a random server with nobody in it. Guess what.

    It still said "Server is full."

    Not knowing what the hell was happening, I just decided to restart the computer and try it again.

    So I found the PR server, and connected. Then, it decided to work.

    I have no idea what caused this, or what possibly could cause it. I did alot of things before I decided to play PR today, so It might have been something I played or did that screwed up BF2 or something. Or it might have been some whacked out fluke. So I guess I'm asking if anyone has any experience with this bug so they can tell me just what causes it and what to avoid doing before playing BF2 to only discover every server says it's full, or just tell me that it's just some random quirk of BF2's system that ocassionally reveals its ugly head.

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    Re: BF2 saying the server's full, but it isn't?

    New one on me.....Thinking!
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