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(Windows XP) *BF2 Project Reality Setup .exe won't load.

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  • (Windows XP) *BF2 Project Reality Setup .exe won't load.

    Hey all,

    I found this truly odd, here is a quick size-up of the situation.

    -I have the hardware and memory needed to run PR and BF2. (Dell Intel Pentium 4 / 1 GIG RAM)
    -Windows XP
    -Reinstalled BF2 (and updated to 1.41 .. NOT 1.5).
    -Ensured there was no prior PR files or folders. Never installed before.
    -Turned off fire wall and anti-virus (CA Antivirus and Firewall). Including Windows Firewall

    Now, I downloaded the setup files again to see if it wasn't just a bad file. First from a mirror, secondly from a torrent. Both fully downloaded.

    Every time I go to load it, my cursor shows the loading symbol, but it does not pop up or load at all it seems. I read it can take up to 10 minutes or a little more or less. So I waited.. and waited. Been at this all day, so it is a bit of a hassle, haha.

    It freezes up my computer and sometimes makes it very sluggish. Windows stay on desktop. I have to go into Ctrl.Alt.Delete to get rid of explorer.exe and reload it to get my screen back.

    -When it's loading, I see no sign of the .exe in my Processes on the Task Bar.

    Hoping some one can help? Been seeking advice on Tactical Gamer's Teamspeak and they were baffled and suggested I see if the Techs here could come up with a solution.

    Any further questions, please ask. Hope you can help me find the solution to this. I have a lot of respect for your hard work and would love to partake in such a creation as this. :mrgreen:


    |TG-Irr| JWG

    Battlefield 2 - Project Reality

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    Re: (Windows XP) *BF2 Project Reality Setup .exe won't load.

    Ok, good news. At least for me. Got it working, took about an hour to sit and it finally popped up. I must really need to de-frag my computer. Put it on my to-do list.

    Another few things I tried to fix it prior to success:

    -Raised resolution in-game.
    -Re-installed Punkbuster + updated it.

    Saw them on another similiar help thread. Not sure if that was it, I think it was just PATIENCE in waiting for it to load. Over 45 minutes for it to do it, though. Jeez.

    Disregard this thread now.
    |TG-Irr| JWG

    Battlefield 2 - Project Reality


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      Re: (Windows XP) *BF2 Project Reality Setup .exe won't load.

      I'm thinking you saved it to a diffrent drive...other than c: Possibly an Ext drive.....If so it can take ages to show up.
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