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BF2 & 2142 wont start

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  • BF2 & 2142 wont start

    So i finally got around to flashing my BIOS on my 750i board so that I could get my sound card to work. However now neither BF2 (and all mods associated with it) or BF2142 will start. The program shows up as running in the task manager but the games never start.

    Other games that do work all seem to have direct 64-bit OS support however both the Battlefield titles don't.

    Im wondering if anyone has had similar problems with 7xx series motherboards not starting 32-bit games and if there is a work around.

    At this point im willing to revert back to the older BIOS and sacrifice use of a soundcard for the ability to play PR but i would of course rather have them both working.

    Here are my specs:
    OS: Vista Home Premium
    Mobo: EVGA 750i FTW
    Video Card: EVGA 260 SC
    Soundcard: Asus Xonar Dx

    I have the latest drivers installed for all of the hardware listed above.

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    Re: BF2 & 2142 wont start

    Nevermind...for some reason when i flashed the BIOS it reset how BF2 and 2142 launched. It was trying to launch in compatibility mode for XP. I was able to turn that setting off and everything works fine.




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