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  • Bf2 ctd

    Hi guys,

    i just got a new computer today and ive tried installing bf2 on it. It works and i get up to the singleplayer menu (no internet on it yet) so i click the start singleplayer button. This is when the problem starts, the computer just crashes straight to desktop with no error. Not sure what this could be. Some help would be appreciated as im pretty stuck as i can play PR :(

    my system specs are;
    Vista 32bit SP1 (i think)
    Intel Q9550 2.83Ghz x4
    4gb RAM DDR3
    ATI Radeon HD4870X2 2GB

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Bf2 ctd

    I am having a similar issue I think.

    I just bought BF2 (Complete edition) today. I have been playing bf2142 since it came out and want to give bf2 a shot. However, my game crashes to desktop after playing on a server for about 5 minutes or so. No error pops up, it just crashes.

    This does NOT happen if I play Single Player though.

    NEED HELP if anyone knows why this would be happening / how to fix!

    bf2142 still plays without issue.

    My System Specs:
    32-bit Win Vista SP2
    Quad-Core 2.4mhz
    4GB RAM
    2x nVidea GeForce 8600 GT (SLI enabled)



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      Re: Bf2 ctd

      Are you guys running as administrator?
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        Re: Bf2 ctd

        Originally posted by Dirtboy View Post
        Are you guys running as administrator?
        Absolutely.. with UAC turned off. I even tried playing with the Windows Firewall off... uninstalled and reinstalled Punkbuster, uninstalled teh latest nVidia Drivers and loaded up a version from last year... same result.

        I really don't know what is causing it... I'm feeling really discouraged.




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