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Using TV, Game wont start

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  • Using TV, Game wont start

    So I've got this odd situation here. I picked up a nice rca 40in lcd tv last month and decided one day to try to hook it up to my pc. Found a dvi->hdmi component cable and i was good to go. It looks gorgeous and is one of the coolest things ever! I wish I had enough money to buy another one of these tv's to use as my monitor.

    Anyways, as cool as it is theres one major problem. When I try to start BF2 or project reality, a black scrn pops up like its about to show intro cinematic and then crash back to desktop with no error message. I've tried change the resolution around both in game, and on the desktop before starting the game. All with no success.

    The truely weird thing is the very FIRST TIME i hooked it up and tried to start BF2, it worked! Since then, it doesnt work unless I have my acer monitor hooked up. Then suddenly everything is fine and the game starts perfectly.

    I attempted the start the game (open up to main menu) with my acer monitor then switch out the monitor for the rca tv (without minimizing the game) and that WORKS... unless you need to minimize the game, then it minimizes to desktop and dissappears. VERY STRANGE!!

    Hopefully if you read through this whole post you might have some ideas or at least share can share my pain????

    Win xp sp3
    intel quad core 2.4ghz
    2 Gforce 8800 GTS SLI
    4gb ram
    acer monitor
    rca tv

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    Re: Using TV, Game wont start

    check your refresh rate. I think you need to match your video driver to produce the native refresh rate for your tv in order to get BF2 working. I had this problem years ago when I bought an LCD monitor.
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