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PR 874 Crash

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  • PR 874 Crash

    I think this is a PC error more than PR/BF2 update problems but here it goes anyway just incase this happens to anyone else so they can see its not just them that this happened to.

    First time commanding, first time being on a taliban map period with the new update, I go commander, I think I set 5 waypoints, a couple of enemy pos. markers, and everything was set up to deliver a glorious jihad against the american infidels..

    There was a old mine marker on a road on the East side of the Op. Archer map and so I was going to delete it... So I right click right by the marker and go up and click delete.... game freezes up for about 5 seconds, no VOIP sounds, no backround sounds, nothing. After 5 seconds my screen goes black and the LED in my bottom right corner of my monitor starts flickering. I cant alt tab out, cant ctrl alt del, so I had to do a cold boot plain and simple.

    This is just a sign of a old PC right?
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