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Creative X-FI Modded Drivers

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  • Creative X-FI Modded Drivers

    Well I found these modded drivers off of the creative forums and decided to share my find. So far they are working great on Win7x64.

    Note before installing these make sure you have uninstalled all drivers (programs and features/devices under my computer) and associated creative programs and cleaned all creative drivers with a driver cleaner.

    I first installed this package which has all the drivers -

    I then installed this package which has all of the x-fi programs console launcher, volume panel etc.-

    If you have any problems post in here and i will try and help.

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    Re: Creative X-FI Modded Drivers

    I haven't clicked on the links but was curious if you found or saw any driver for winXP? Would it be worthwhile to install any such modded drivers if they exist for XP as well?
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      Re: Creative X-FI Modded Drivers

      Yeah here is an updated version for XP/Vista/7 with the newly released driver package (released on 6/18/2010).

      Just make sure all old drivers are completely uninstalled and cleaned.

      I uninstalled all creative content from control panel add/remove,
      then restart to safe mode and r un a program called Driver Sweeper to remove all hidden creative drivers and folder/whatnot.
      I then boot back in and run the setup.exe once extracted.


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        Re: Creative X-FI Modded Drivers

        what did you gain with this modded driver over the stock creative one?


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          Re: Creative X-FI Modded Drivers

          In short this person has added fixes that creative is to lazy to fix themselves.

          Taken from the thread where it is posted.

          "Better Performance. Better Audio. Better Xeleration"

          + Updated Tweak
          + Fix X64 Components
          + AutoMode 1.01.05
          + Added New Name PAX HD AUDIO
          + DVDAudio32BitOnly
          + Creative Entertainment Center
          + CMS
          + CMS5
          + CMS_PCAPP_LB_3_30_21
          + Direct X June Edition 2010

          See this post:
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            Re: Creative X-FI Modded Drivers

            If it fixed my BF2 hard locking, and blue screens I would be a happy person. (Bad combo of nVidia chip, 4g ram, X-Fi, 64bit OS, BF2)
            I have spent hours trying different variations of X-FI drivers (including PAX) without luck.

            Maybe I'll give these a try.

            I am amazed to see a new PAX release. I thought they were cease and desist letter bombing all developers changing their drivers.


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              Re: Creative X-FI Modded Drivers

              Zaboo I am in the same boat as you, but only with the bsod. My bsod only happens with a map change. It can take 10 seconds to 1 hour random for it to happen so I've been in the habit of restarting PR after ever map change. I am using an ATI video card, 4g ddr3 ram and 64bit OS also.


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                Re: Creative X-FI Modded Drivers

                I only BSOD' during map load when the sounds are initialized.
                Hardlocks are fairly rare, but annoying.


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                  Re: Creative X-FI Modded Drivers

                  i have the same problems as zaboo, if I use xfi instead of usb headset i crash randomly while loading a new map or short after loading in.

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                    Re: Creative X-FI Modded Drivers

                    At least some other large manufacturers are getting into the audio cards.
                    End this game of monopoly. My next card will definitely not be creative, just waiting on a sale to justify replacing a perfectly good $120 piece of hardware.

                    Tried turning off EAX, and running Hardware-Ultra. Heard somethings about it, will report back.


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                      Re: Creative X-FI Modded Drivers

                      The thing is - BF2 only outputs 5.1 sound for CMSS3D (surround simulation) if in Ultra Mode, which is restricted to X-Fi. This surround simulations is the only reason I am using an X-Fi Card.

                      I would be happy to use ANY OTHER card but I dont want to go back to that low-fidelity sound anymore... Kinda used to hear exactly whats going on now. :-/




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