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Catalyst Control Center?

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  • Catalyst Control Center?

    Sorry to have a question so early in my membership, but I'm trying to complete the battlefield optimization guide. I'm stuck on page 4, I have no idea where to find this, I have been searching all over, so hopefully someone here is an ATI user familiar with this. I have an ATI Radeo 9600 Pro btw, and I'm looking to "optimize" it :). Haven't played with you guys yet, but I can definitely relate to the way you play on your server. I am really stoked to play with you guys tommorow after my last exam, hopefully my comp is in tip top shape. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. You have a new member!

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    Re: Catalyst Control Center?

    Welcome to TG. Pretty pretty please, only ask a question one time.

    Head on over to and download the CCC. It's right there for the taking along with updated drivers and such.
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