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Server Configuration / Settings FAQ

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  • Server Configuration / Settings FAQ

    Current Settings
    Server IPs / Map List

    Friendly Fire: 1 (on)
    Rounds per map: 1
    Spawn Time: 20 sec
    Time Limit: 60 min
    Ticket Ratio: 250%
    Team Ratio: 100%
    Auto-balance: 1 (on) (commanders & squad leaders will not be auto-balanced)
    Allow Global Unlocks: 0 (off)

    Map size / Players allowed: See here for specifics on each server.
    Freeze Time: 20 sec (Once our admin tool issues have been resolved we will change this back to 120 sec.)
    Auto-kick/ban TKers: Yes (for 5 minutes or until the next round starts)

    Why is the freeze time (time prior to round start) so long?
    Tactical Gamer promotes objective team based play. The increased freeze time is provided to allow for the commander selection and squad formations to be handled. The increased freeze time also allows for each commander to relay the overall strategy for the round.

    Will the Tactical Gamer Retail server be a ranked server?
    For the moment, the short answer is no. However that does not mean it will not change in the future.
    Originally posted by Apophis
    Unfortunately there is no easy way to simply become a "ranked" server. Based on a post from EAUK_Protagonist, not even servers rented by individuals from EA are ranked.

    There are numerous discussions underway in both our Battlefield admin forums, the EA Battlefield 2 forums and private discussions with EA reps to determine what options exist. This process will take a little time as EA is not even sure yet how they are going to deal with the issue as it stands. They have a balancing act going on right now to make sure that all ranked servers are not being exploited by the admins/players to gain unearned rank and providing the ability for legitimate servers to be able to participate in the ranking system.
    Originally posted by Tempus
    I'd like to comment on the pros/cons of a ranked server.

    A. Ranked servers cost about double what a normal server costs.
    B. Ranked servers are often full of players who are only intererested in improving their ranking.
    C. Ranked servers must be 'pure' servers. What this means is that we would have less control over making adjustments to the server settings. For example, our custom auto-balance routine would not be implemented. Our soon to be released mod to kick squadless players could not be implemented. Reserved slots would not be able to be implemented.

    So, you can see that other than having a nice little rank attached to your name, there are more negatives than positives involved in having a ranked server.
    Will the Tactical Gamer Retail server unlock the additional weapons?
    On all TG public servers, the short answer is no.
    On the TG private server, we have all weapons unlocked for all players.

    This is in part due to the server ranking system. Even if a private community like TG globally unlocks the weapons, only players that have achieved a certain rank are capable of using them. This would give the players that play on other ranked servers an advantage over those who stick primarily to the TG server. This would also push players who would prefer to play only on the TG server to go and play on public servers.

    Does Tactical Gamer provide a dedicated supporting member only server?
    Yes. See the Server IPs thread for the private server information.

    Does the Tactical Gamer Retail server require a password?
    For the most part, No. On occasion we do password protect the server for a few hours and make this password readily available in the BF2 forums. These occasions will be announced ahead of time in the BF2 forums.

    The private server does require a password.

    Does the Tactical Gamer Retail server offer supporting members reserved slots?
    Yes. Currently the proper admin tools are not readily available to make this an automatic process. In the mean time, all supporting members may contact an admin using teamspeak to request that a non-supporting member be removed.

    Obtain a Tactical Gamer supporting membership

    Does the Tactical Gamer Retail server use the in-game VoIP?

    Does the Tactical Gamer Retail server utilize any other voice communications (i.e. Teamspeak) for in-game team communication?
    No. Teamspeak is available for all players to chat in-between rounds. It is also available to obtain support for our admins.

    Does the Tactical Gamer Retail server auto-balance everyone?
    No. Our resident python expert has provided a server-side mod that will not auto-balance the commander or squad leaders.

    We have efforts in place to improve the auto-balance feature and will make any update announcements in the BF2 forums.

    Will the Tactical Gamer Retail server use the Battlefield Recorder?
    At the present time the BF recorder is enabled on the private server and public server #2.
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    Re: Server Configuration / Settings FAQ

    Updated text in dark red.
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