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UPDATE ! ! ! -->Missing / Invisible Weapons and Vehicles!

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  • UPDATE ! ! ! -->Missing / Invisible Weapons and Vehicles!

    The update isssssssssss........I have still not figured out the problem. Sorry.

    Speaking of which: Anyone else having the same problem? It's the problem where you can't see the gun you're holding (yet it works) and that goes for everyone I see.

    Also the vehicles are invisible...yet they still create a shadow on the ground... hmmm...suspicious!

    The rest of the game runs uber-super-duper good tho, just the missing guns and vehicles.

    Now I have tried just about everything to fix it but nothing seems to do it. Basically I have a Pentium 3Ghz on an Intel i875P chipset, 1GB ram, ATI Radeon 9600 (I've tried the following catalyst drivers: 4.something, 5.1, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 + some optimized drivers as well.)
    I have tried creating a new XP partition specifically for the game and installing everything fresh. I also have tried various DX drivers including the one from the game, old drivers and also new drivers off the website. On top of that I have tried both the demo and my retail DVD and basically whatever I try does the same thing.

    ANyone have a clue??

    PS. Here are some screenshots of the problem in case anyone is interested.

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    Re: UPDATE ! ! ! -->Missing / Invisible Weapons and Vehicles!

    Did you try on the PBF forums?

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      Re: UPDATE ! ! ! -->Missing / Invisible Weapons and Vehicles!

      You should try the forums as well, those are pretty popular.

      Im sorry im not much help, as all of the things youve tried are what I would have suggested...

      But man those are some funny looking screens!




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