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Crash during commander screen

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  • Crash during commander screen

    I've been playing commander (in demo version). Lately, I get in a few minutes of play, and then the screen freezes, causing me to reboot. Or, I get complete texture corruption on the commander screen, which also causes me to reboot, because it's locked. Not even con/alt/delete does anything. The last time it happened, I also got a very long single beep out of the computer. What does this beep mean? Is it a ram problem? I'm using an asus a8v mb, 1 gig ram, 3200 athlon 64, gforce 6600 gt. During bios check, its shows I have over a gig of ram. I hope this is a known problem with the demo. I'd hate to think the commander mode is bugged in retail.
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    Re: Crash during commander screen

    I had a similar problem during the demo with the exception that it happened to me during flight. I'd take off in a plane/helo and w/in 1-2 mins my screen would lock up, give a long beep and force me to reboot. I solved my problem by downloading the omega drivers at although those don't solve everyones problems. These drivers are designed for gaming.

    I use an ATI Radeon X800 SE, was using the CAT 5.6 drivers previously.

    By the way you may want to post this in the Tech support and FAQs forum instead of the General forum.
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