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TacticalGamer / Squad Kickstarter Promotional Offer

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  • TacticalGamer / Squad Kickstarter Promotional Offer

    Tactical Gamer / Squad Promotional Offer

    Tactical Gamer is pleased to announce that we are offering a special offer for our members on the upcoming first-person tactical shooter, Squad. Squad is an online multiplayer first-person shooter that aims to capture combat realism through communication and team play. Large open maps combined with strong squad cohesion mechanics, vehicles and player-constructed bases create a heart-thumping, visceral gaming experience which mixes organized tactical multi-squad planning with split second decision-making in real world scale firefights, with up to 50 players per side.

    Before we get to the details, here's where you can learn about Squad;

    This should be a big title for the community and want to do everything we can to get behind and support this project. We are offering a unique opportunity to pick up a 1-Year supporting membership to the Tactical Gamer community, along with a copy of Squad for $130/US*.

    Included in the Tactical Gamer package;
    • 1 Year Subscription to Tactical Gamer
    • Closed Alpha Invitational
    • Closed Alpha Access
    • Steam Early Access
    • Standard Game Key
    • Tactical Gamer Clan Patch
    • Founder Patch In-Game
    • Founder Tag In Forums
    • Alternate Primary Weapon Skins - AK and M4
    • Digital Copy Of The "Squad" Soundtrack
    • In-Game Name in Credits

    To take advantage of this special TG subsidized offer, sign up for the new "Tactical Gamer / Squad Promotional Offer" option on the Tactial Gamer Subscriptions page. Or click the "Get Special Offer" link below. For existing supporting members, we are putting together an additional package that will be announced in the Tactical Gamer Supporting Member Announcements forum.

    This offer is now closed. Thank you for supporting Squad and TacticalGamer!

    * This current offer is for new subscriptions to Tactical Gamer and is not valid for any existing subscription. This offer is non-refundable.
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    Re: TacticalGamer / Squad Kickstarter Promotional Offer

    *** IMPORTANT NOTE ***

    This offer is only valid through 20 JUNE 2015. At this point we will be closing the offer and transferring the funds over to the Kickstarter project.

    Fulfillment will be done by Squad on their normal schedule after the Kickstarter campaign has completed.
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      Re: TacticalGamer / Squad Kickstarter Promotional Offer

      Last 24 or so hours of this promotion, guys! The doors close at 11:59:59 tomorrow (6/20) night!

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