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Server Information, Rules, Teamspeak & Discord Information

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  • [INFO] Server Information, Rules, Teamspeak & Discord Information

    Server Rules

    TG Primer

    TG Code of Conduct

    TG Squad Game Server Rules

    1. Conduct
    1. We do not allow racist comments or names, nor do we allow strong sexual connotations for in-game communications, including but not limited to: squad names, player names, any form of chat or any form of voip communications.
    2. Players will respect any and all admin decisions. Disagreements are to be taken off-line by utilizing our Contact an Admin forums. Public disagreement can and will be met with removal of the player(s) from the gaming server, so consider this post an official warning. Further disruptions will result in a ban.
    3. Players will additionally respect the TacticalGamer community and it's rules and policies, including but not limited to the rules on the game server, supporting member kicks, etc. Per the above statement regarding public disagreement with the policies of the community, please take any issues off-line from the gaming server. The admins will remove disruptive players.
    4. Conversations outside of team planning are to end at the 2:00 mark on the countdown timer before a round starts.
    5. Do not spam local in between rounds. Abuse of global and team chats during a round will not be tolerated.
    6. Behave in a mature and respectful manner at all times. Keep your language acceptable at all times. If a player or admin asks for the language to be toned down, do it immediately and without argument.
    7. Cheating of any sort, including glitching, ghosting or exploiting of game mechanics, is not allowed.

    2. Gameplay

    Squad is intended to “capture combat realism through communication and teamplay.” The TacticalGamer community strives to provide an environment for players to simulate modern combat through tactical and strategic gameplay in a fun and mature environment. As such, we do not allow activities in the server that are contrary to this goal and reserve the right to remove players abusing aspects of the game or gaming engine that do not follow this guideline.
    1. Tactical Gamer requires players to follow the orders of their squad leaders and/or their commander. Failure to follow orders can result in removal from the server. To avoid any conflicts, make sure that you communicate with the commanding officer.
    2. Squad Leaders are required to be actively leading their squads. This includes having a working microphone and actively communicating with other SLs. Squad Leaders determined to be actively and willfully hindering their team may be removed from the server.
      1. Assets are first-come, first-serve and may not be reserved with the exception of the Team Commander. Only the Commander may assign assets to a Squad.
    3. Players may not intentionally teamwound or teamkill. Intentional damage to your team (players, vehicles, structures, etc) may not receive a warning but move directly to a kick or ban.
    4. Only motorcycles and technicals may be used as a suicide vehicle.
    5. Vehicles that have both a driver/pilot position and a primary gunner position, and require a crewman kit to operate, must be crewed by 2 players to operate those positions at all times. If a crewman is killed or is lost via disconnection from the server, the driver is responsible for returning the vehicle to the safety of the main base immediately. Vehicles may not be one-manned from the main to pick up a second crewman or pilot.
    6. Main bases may not be camped. Keep the fight away from main bases.

    Connect with the admins and the community

    via Discord

    Download the Discord app

    Connect to the TG Discord server

    via Teamspeak

    TacticalGamer Teamspeak Server

    You will need the following information to configure TeamSpeak to connect to TG.

    Nickname: Your in-game Player Name
    Password: (leave this field blank)

    Register your TeamSpeak Unique ID with Tactical Gamer

    The final step in using the Tactical Gamer TeamSpeak server is registration of your Unique ID. To find your Unique ID, follow these simple steps.

    Open the Settings > Identities menu in your TeamSpeak client
    Click on the Nickname you are using to connect to Tactical Gamer
    Copy the Unique ID field
    Paste your Unique ID into the Tactical Gamer TeamSpeak Registration Form
    Click Submit!

    Reporting In-Game Issues / Problem Players

    To report issues on the game server, you can now just type the report into game chat. Follow these instructions:
    • Send a message in game chat (squad, team or global - probably best to use squad chat)
    • Type !reporting insert your report here after the reporting command or you can use the abbreviated !r
    • Send the message. That will send a message that alerts all Squad Admins.

    Please be advised that this is to used for in-game issues only and should not be abused. This function is to report problem players on the game server or other serious rules violations. Do not use this to request map changes, etc.

    To request a map change while seeding or other issues not of a critical nature, either speak with an admin in VOIP or post in the #contact-an-admin channel in Discord.

    Bans or kicks are not discussed in Discord. For help with those, please read below.

    Kicked or Banned?

    If you've found yourself kicked or even banned from our Squad server, there are is one important thing to note and a few steps that you should take before you try to contact our admins.

    First, public discussion of kicks or bans from our game servers is forbidden. Airing grievances in public is not acceptable and will result in more administrative action. All discourse surrounding admin actions on the game server are conducted in private between the player and the admin(s) involved. This has shown to be the most productive manner in which to address problems and generally results in the player being able to return to the game server once any issues have been cleared up.

    Secondly, if you are new to Tactical Gamer, please take a few moments of your time to familiarize yourself with our server rules, our Primer and our Code of Conduct. All of this information is available in this post (above).

    Lastly, any ban appeals must be made in written form in our Contact an Admin forum. This forum is private and only the player creating a post and the admins can see what has been posted in a particular thread. Appeals should follow this format:
    • Your in-game Name
    • Your Steam64Id (see below)
    • When you were banned
    • Why you were banned
    • What rules were you violating or behavior that you exhibited to cause the ban
    • How you plan to change your behavior so that you will not receive an additional ban

    How Do I Find My Steam64ID?
    • Open your Steam client, go to the menu Steam > Settings > Interface
    • Check the box that says "Display Steam URL address bar when available"
    • Go to your Steam Profile page available on the drop-down menu from your profile name
    • Copy the entire URL displayed in the address bar for your Steam profile
    • Go to this URL:
    • Paste your Steam profile URL you copied from your profile page into the Lookup field and click "Lookup"
    • From the results, copy your Steam64ID. This will be a number that starts with 765.....
    • Copy your Steam64ID to your appeal thread.
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    Re: Server Information, Rules & Teamspeak Information

    Updated with Server info.


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      Updated link to TG discord

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