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  • Squad Updates & Patch Notes

    634mb patch, Changelog below:

    Hotfix 3.3
    • Fixed AKM GP25 Reload Animation having sounds out of sync
    • Added a US Main Base to Kohat Insurgency
    • Updated the Sumari and Forest minimaps
    • Fixed animations playing for a short time with the medicbag and field dressing when it has no target
    • Fixed hovering trees and rocks on Fools
    • Admins can now grant Observer Cam without crashing the server
    • Set health to 0 when going into incap, so now everyone has the same amount of time to be revived when they go down
    • Fixed a few cases where the respawn timer would not be replicated from the server.
    • Made medic HUD icons lerp between 0.5 and 1.0 to prevent them from disappearing
    • Improved the PSO-1 scope
    • Really fixed servers starting on maps other than logar. For realsies this time
    • Updated Forest with some additional tweaks and assets
    • Fixed a variety of bugs and log errors in the Compass
    • Really fixed the give up button disappearing. Also for realsies this time
    • Fixed being able to throw grenades in the main menu
    • Added basic controller support
    • Updated the Tire Wall deployable
    • Fixed a number of issues with the village house
    • Added bullet hole decals to a variety of materials
    • Standardized zoom duration and focus zoom time across all weapons
    • Standardized the Incendiary grenade throw strength to be the same as all other grenades
    • Increased the bullet crack volume
    • Updated the Server Browser, adding better indicators for passworded servers and anticheat protected servers.
    • Added the Custom Servers browser for displaying unlicensed, self hosted, and modded servers.
    • Fixed the arm on M4 weapons from overstretching when looking up
    • Added tooltips for deployables.
    • Updated the Physmats on Eastern European houses
    • Improved the voice code to not allocate memory as much
    • Added an entry in the binding menu for the SL menu (defaults to T)
    • Improved the green tracer to look less like a laser
    • Added details to Sumari and improved the Skirmish layer
    • Fixed a crash when a player joins a server while the map is changing. It currently prevents that player from joining the server during the map change process
    • Added Server Name, Map Name, and GameMode to the scoreboard
    • Added the Squad Leader and Medic indicators to nametag drawing
    • Added Interaction widgets to certain deployables (for example, a 'Press [F] to use' to Ammo Crate)
    • Updated the HESCO and cost
    • Increased the damage threshhold to skip incap and go straight to death
    • Modified the non-ADS recoil modifier. LMGs have a higher recoil now than rifles, rifles have slightly more recoil, pistols slightly lower
    • Removed Kohat Conquest Experimental and Kohat v3
    • Updated the Menu music to the latest version, also adding a new music track
    • Filly removed the old login menu and prevented a situation where it would come up and not go away
    • Fixed a memory corruption server crash related to assigning roles to players
    • Fixed a server crash when kicking players from squads
    • Updated the error text on dedicated servers when Steam is not found
    • Fixed a number of cases where Dedicated Servers would fail to launch because it can't find Steam
    • Updates and bugfixes to Fools Road
    • Fixed Interaction Menus not appearing on deployables in Training.

    Also a new video on Facebook.
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    Re: Squad Update

    Server patched to 3.3.

    Come out and try to make it crash today.

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    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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      Re: Squad Update

      Originally posted by Jeepo View Post
      Set health to 0 when going into incapacitated, so now everyone has the same amount of time to be revived when they go down
      Can you explain the previous situation prior to this fix? I was not aware that the incap timers were varying.

      Originally posted by Jeepo View Post
      Improved the voice code to not allocate memory as much
      This sounds similar to what several on Squad's forums were saying was needed to improve performance on AMD processors. Do you know if this could be correlated to a possible AMD performance boost?

      It all sounds great, thank you!


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        Re: Squad Update

        Most of the new additions and fixes are greatly appreciated. But they broke my precious SL map markers! :(
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          Re: Squad Update

          I can not play, the update made it so I can not join a squad or even verify on my own if I loaded onto the server. Yes I have sent a bug report. I'm not sure if it is squad or Windows 10 as they both updated at around the same time. I'll patiently wait to see if it gets fixed. Good thing I'm busy tonight.


          With the 3.4 update I have no issues. Good work DEVs!!
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            Re: Squad Updates & Patch Notes

            Version 3.5 rolled out this morning - 394mb

            Barring anything major this will likely be the EA release for tomorrow. Change log below.

            • Updated Fools Road. Added a new flag and a new log trench
            • Fixed an issue where View Distance set to Low would cause the ironsights on some weapons to not be displayed
            • Updated the description on Radios to explain the ticket loss when they are destroyed
            • Fixed a few cases where ammo crates would tell you the wrong key if you wanted to interact with them
            • Updated Militia on Forest
            • Renamed Chora to Chora AAS
            • Added Fools Road Skirmish
            • Fixed an issue where all markers on Chora would end up at 0,0,0.
            • Added Sumari Insurgency
            • Updated all Insurgency maps to give 30 tickets to the destroying team upon completion of their objective. Up from 10.
            • Fixed an issues where Kohat AAS was not showing up correctly in the server browser
            • Added Text Chat keybindings to the keybinding menu
            • Removed Turn Left and Turn Right from the default arrow keys. This allows other keys to be bound to them
            • Made a small optimization pass to the Animation System. You should see some FPS gains with multiple animating characters on the screen
            • Updated the Militia textures
            • Unified all fire-select weapons default to single-fire.
            • Made a pass on the lattice for Logar PAAS and reduced the ticket count
            • Fixed the russian backpack from being too shiney
            • Removed the SL2 variant of the Russian SL model. He'll be back pending a material fix
            • Fixed a number of animation distortions across multiple animations
            • The full scoreboard will now be shown when in observer cam
            • Updated the textures of the classic AKs


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              Re: Squad Updates & Patch Notes

              Server updated to 3.5.
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                Re: Squad Updates & Patch Notes

                Insurgency gamemode on Sumari should be um.... interesting.
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                  Re: Squad Updates & Patch Notes

                  Hotfix 3.6 - will add change log when I can.

                  Server updated - get on and create some of those glorious Learn TG squads!


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                    Re: Squad Updates & Patch Notes

                    Official Post:

                    Squad Update




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