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Squad Hotfix 3.4

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  • Squad Hotfix 3.4

    Hotfix 3.4

    Tweaked the Dead Info HUD Widget to display different depending on if the map is open or closed
    Fixed a US Ammo Crate starting unbuilt in Sumari
    Fixed bunker collisions and material assignments
    Fixed the Map Legend from not showing up
    Fixed the Squad Leader right-click map menu from not showing up
    Fixed a bug in the keybinding menu that prevented axis keys (Move keys, etc) from being rebound. Azerty keyboard users rejoice!
    Fixed a case where players would fail to load into the game
    Revised Forest, adding a new flag and new assets
    Prevented a case when players would become more stuck if being teleported when stuck
    Fixed the Join/Part spam from overflowing into the chat box. It now scrolls up instead of down.
    Fixed a server crash when Squad leader is passed to a player who is disconnecting
    Modified Fools Road. The river has been significantly updated and floating grass around the map has been properly taped down.
    Added Chora

    Yeah!!! Fixes my issue of not being able to play. Good work DEVs!!

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