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  • Non-obvious UI tips

    * Shovel left-click builds friendly objects.
    * Shovel right-click destroys enemy objects (such as the enemy FOB - it looks like a radio)
    * When in the radius of a friendly FOB, the top left has numbers for ammo and build points. As soon as that marker disappears, you're too far from the FOB and can't build.
    * When in range of a hostile FOB, at the top left, you'll see a similar marker, except it'll have a yellow bar and the enemy's flag.
    * Left-click a dead player with bandages to stop his bleeding until a medic comes over.
    * Rigth-click with bandages to prevent your own bleeding.
    * Medics revive by a) bandaging to stop bleeding, and b) healing with the medbag.
    * Press 4, 5, and 6 again to get additional items. This is where colored smoke (Red/Blue), and Medic shovels are "hidden".
    * As a squad leader, if you do not pick the Squad Leader Role, you cannot place down FOBs or ammo or build anything. You can only set down rally points.
    * To find someone in your squad, use the ENTER menu, and hover over the green dots.
    * If your mouse "disappears" in the enter menu, press ESC. Then you can close the menu, and press ESC to get back into the game.
    * There are non-obvious limits on what role you can play. Notably, only two medics can be present in a full squad.
    * There's other limits too - such as a maximum of 3 snipers per [b]team[b], or 4 "Fire Suppression" roles in squad. This is why you can't play sniper though your squad is full (3 people on your team already have a sniper kit), and why you can't play AT even though it's 0/1 - the 4/4 slots are filled with machine gunners and GPers.

    And finally tips from Zho because he's mad:
    * If you don't have a mic and you pick medic ... a kitten dies. It's eatena live by bears. Mmmhhhmm.
    * If you don't throw smoke at dead players and instead look useless while a medic is trying to revive them ... two kittens die. They're eaten by sharks.
    * If you stand in a five man huddle staring at a medic reviving someone instead of keeping security ... three kittens die. They're blown up by ISIS.

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    Re: Non-obvious UI tips

    * The black dots inside the blue/green dots on your map means the player is a medic.




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