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    We've had our Squad server running now for almost 2 weeks, the last 5 days of which have been in the Early Access period. The game has seen an explosion of new players, and the server list is pages long with full servers as tens of thousands of new players come to Squad to check it out.

    As such, we've seen incredible success with our own Squad server. It is running full most of the day. This is fantastic and the teamwork that I've seen while I've been able to be on has been great. It will only get better from here, I'm sure.

    However, there are issues that we need to bring your attention to. I've thought about making this post for a while and have come to the realization that it needs to be made. You'll understand my hesitation in a moment, I'm sure.

    We have a small admin staff right now. Coverage is difficult to maintain during all hours. Late nights in the US are a bit of a problem, as are working hours US time.

    However, there are other obstacles that we have before us that are preventing the admin team from providing the type of experience we all come to expect on a TacticalGamer server. The game is lacking in admin tools, and what there is is time consuming and difficult to use. We also need to have an admin in-game to be able to administer the server.

    Additionally, there is no real support for reserved slots built into the game right now. This makes getting Supporting Members into the server a very difficult process, and one that is entirely manual.

    This is causing everyone on the admin team a great deal of stress and frustration. I'm sure that this is also true for the TG community that is trying to get on the server and enjoy some game play and to see what Squad is all about.

    I wish we had an easy solution to these problems, but the facts are that we do not, nor do I have a time frame as to when any of the support we require will be implemented. We have been in communication with the Squad development team (as have other server admins) and they understand the importance of these tools to the community server admins. Hopefully we will be getting this support soon.

    In the meantime, I ask a few things of everyone:

    ) Remember that this is an Alpha product! It will remain so for probably all of 2016. There are going to be bugs. There are going to be server crashes. There is a lot of optimization left to do.
    ) Our admins are overloaded and overwhelmed when they are on the server. Please be patient with them when you are requesting a spot on the server.
    ) If you accidentally get kicked by an admin while they are trying to make room on the server for another Supporting Member, please be patient. There is no way for any of us to see while in-game who is a SM and who is not a SM. Accidents happen. Admins don't have the SM list memorized. Please calmly and patiently ask for an admin to make room for you. It's not personal.
    ) Please take screenshots of any intentional teamkills or chat that violates our standards. Post those in our Contact an Admin forum. If you are on Teamspeak, please speak to an admin there (if there is one on) and tell them what is happening. It is not easy to monitor the chat constantly.
    ) If you are so inclined to volunteer and are interested in helping to admin the server, please post in the Contact an Admin forum to express your interest.

    Thanks everyone for your understanding and patience. Speaking for the admin team, we appreciate the support you've shown the title and our server, and for what each of you have done to help bring the TG game to the server.


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    Re: Asking for some patience

    Good post. It's definitely something that needed to be reiterated. I truly think TG's Squad server will be at the top for a long time.
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