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SOPs starting to emerge for SL's ?

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  • SOPs starting to emerge for SL's ?

    Had a blast last night - second full round in game and first full round SL'ing. Still quite rusty on the controls and timely decision making is a little tough without knowing the maps well, but ... yeah this game's solid fun.

    Last night I split my squad in half; I lead one half and assigned one of the more talkative players to lead the other group. ("OK Johnny, you lead that .. uh .. mini-squad" ... "you mean 'fireteam'?" "haha, yeah... yeah there's a word for that, huh." xD) That worked ok, though, again, it was a little tough directing without map insight.

    So anyway, for those of you that enjoy SL'ing, are you starting to arrive at any SOP for yourself? Are you doing fire-teams or larger squads? Are you, as SL, leading a fireteam, or do you have two FT leaders? From a practical perspective, how do you pick FTL(s) and split the squad - do you go through and assign everyone, or let them self-sort? Should medics be FTL's as they're playing a little more safely anyway?

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    Re: SOPs starting to emerge for SL's ?

    Good news confirmed on the official Squad forums that eventually you will be able to split your squad in game. Didn't get any details if it would be just Alpha and Bravo or if you'll have more control.

    I've been back and forth on breaking up my squads. Usually I just assign specific players to move and take a building, support by fire, ect on the fly. ie "Morelli, Johnson, and Riggs stay on this elevated position acting as a support by fire, the rest of you follow me, we are gunna flank from the West.".

    As for medics as TL's I wouldn't like that myself. The TL should be actively engaged in the combat maneuvering his element on the fly. I believe he would just get bogged down as the medic.




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