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Squad and a refreshing restart!

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  • Squad and a refreshing restart!

    I love ‘learning’ a new Tactical Shooter.

    I don't know about anyone else but I really enjoy getting back to basics. There's something refreshing about stripping back all the game mechanics you've learned over the years in numerous other games and starting again. Starting the learning process of how to shoot, how to move, how individual weapons work within the context of the new game. Gaining an understanding of the maps, terrain, the complex systems of logistics etc and those are just some of the absolute basics.

    I usually start with the weapons, movement and shooting in any new Tactical Shooter. I'll have a quick run through with all readily available weapons initially just to get a basic idea of the spectrum. From this I can develop a simple understanding of engagement ranges per weapon/kit. How far I can shoot, how far I can be shot from basically. How much damage each weapon does, shots to kill at various ranges, accuracy, what are the sights like and so on. The sound each weapon makes at different ranges. That helps with identification obviously but also tells me how far away I can be heard.

    Checking out the sights is always interesting. Trialling them for actual functionality, how well do they work, how easy is it to pick up the front post in general and against the various backgrounds/scenery. How thick is the front post? At what distance does it obscure a man sized target, useful to know and a rough and ready way to gauge distance without bino’s/map. How well do they work in low light, how quick can you pick up close range target etc.

    Once I've got my head round all that it's on to the basics of shooting and moving. I'll experiment with the weapons, how fast do each type of rounds travel (if it's any different, haven't finished testing that). This is obviously useful to help determine lead on shots. However you also need to get a feel for walking, jogging/sprinting speeds too so more research to do there!

    Next I'll start seeing how movement and different stances affect accuracy. How much does my point of aim shift walking towards a target and when moving laterally. Can I put consecutive single shots onto man sized targets when moving, at what distance, how quickly? Can I switch between targets and do it? How much does traversing between targets affect my point of aim/scope/barrel sway? How much quicker can I do it, can I do it on head sized targets? Can I start with head sized targets and due to diminishing accuracy finish on man sized targets, is that easier/more effective?

    Those kind of fundamentals are things I obsess about and really enjoy working on continuously, particularly in a title like Squad that has such an excellent ‘feel’ to the shooting/combat.

    All this, and that's only the tip of the iceberg on the fundamentals, before I've even started figuring out how the gameplay/flag mechanisms work lol.

    Loving starting again with Squad, loving the feel of it and really enjoying the teamwork and gameplay on our server.

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    Re: Squad and a refreshing restart!

    It's great to have a title that promotes the style of play that TG loves!
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      Re: Squad and a refreshing restart!

      stellar post wicks !...It's like you were reading my mind. And by the way, this post is an excellent primer for a gamer's first person shooter adaptation in general.
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        Re: Squad and a refreshing restart!

        "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Wicks again."


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          Re: Squad and a refreshing restart!

          I was thinking of this yesterday (while wistfully wishing I could find our server :row__691:). I was also looking at the sticky Squad Boot Camp Series and thinking that many of us need this information to really enjoy the experience of a MP game. I just hate being the noob that lets my team down because I don't know how to heal when I'm the medic.

          So, it brought me to the reason we have Tactical Gamer University (TGU). You can join in-game, have a knowledgeable instructor walk you through the mouse clicks, the menus, the mechanics and so forth. This away from the pressures of the "game war" that you are supposed to be applying effort to.

          First, as the Dean of TGU, are there players willing to step up for such events? Can we use the server population lulls for such an activity?

          Knowing by doing is more fun and works better for people like myself. Plus, events work for us as well. Offering my support for those who are interested.
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