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Only you can stop Maserati's rampage!

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  • Only you can stop Maserati's rampage!

    Hi all,

    Today, I noticed a worrying trend that affects us all - we get focused on what we're doing. Oftentimes, an entire team will be focused on fighting over a protracted fireline encircling an enemy flag, with FOBs and rally points, elevated angles of fire, flanking positions on both left and the right of the line, over 600-800 meters in width. Multiple squads will be coordinating, and the flag capture is only a matter of time!

    Until ... a sneaky bastard like Maserati sneaks by you with his whole squad, caps your next flag, and then sprints to the next flag, and before you know it, your team owns no flags, your fobs are useless, and your whole team is sprinting for 30 minutes, cursing alll the jelly doughnuts they had this morning.

    This is a terrible situation to be in. Try to remember these simple things to stop sneaky bastards:

    1. You are slooooow. Your team is slooooow. Running is sloooooow. Doughnuts are delicious.
    The flag that just went neutral? You've almost no chance of getting there to prevent its capture. The one after that is what you've got to focus on. Immediately start hollering at other squads, and spawn your squad in your main base. Then, move forward from there. You're lucky if you get there in time to not lose your second flag.

    2. Always keep a squad on defense. One squad is plenty before an enemy gets a more than that is a waste of people on AAS. 9 guys with medics on elevated postions (medics get binoculars!) is plenty to react to sneaky bastards.

    3. Sneaky people like sneaky FOBs. Think about it - if you just ran stealthily through enemy lines, across the river, and into the wild beyond -- you're in a pretty advantageous position. Throw down a FOB. Even if the flag attack doesn't work out, you can spawn on that FOB, and come BEHIND the enemy. Tasty.
    So ... when you do get rid of the sneaky people, and recapture your flags - find that FOB and destroy it.

    4. Sneakiness has to come to an end at some point, and by neutralizing a flag, they've revealed their position.
    So, you know where the enemy is, and they don't know exactly where you'll be coming from. Wonderful. Don't be afraid to leave your RPGers/Grenadiers/Marskmen on elevated positions, and ask your basic riflemen to move in. A few well timed GP25s or M203s can make or break a flag recapture.

    Get out there and react faster! :)

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    Re: Only you can stop Maserati's rampage!

    The good SL is always looking at his map and trying to discern enemy movement based on what he sees along with what other SLs are saying on the radio. Be that SL. Don't be the "I've got blinders on" SL who tunnel visions in on an objective with no concern for the big picture.

    That, and donuts are waiting for you at the last enemy flag! Nom Nom Nom

    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
    |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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      Re: Only you can stop Maserati's rampage!

      Originally posted by disposableHero View Post
      The good SL is always looking at his map and trying to discern enemy movement based on what he sees along with what other SLs are saying on the radio.

      If you're not particularly confident on SL to SL comms or simply join a game in progress, take a knee, look at your map and simply look for the nearest squad to support. You can be very effective and helpful simply by looking to work off the shoulder of another squad almost in a 2 fireteam configuration. Look at their pattern of movement, listen to inter squad comms to establish where they're going/what objective etc and look to facilitate that with fire support/adding weight of numbers from a flank.




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