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Feb 20 Scrim

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  • [AAR] Feb 20 Scrim

    To start off I had an awesome time playing in this Scrim and I am very bad at remembering names so please to not take it personally if I do not mention you by name.

    The first map was Logar and I volunteered to be CO and ended by having to take the insurgent side because I lost the number guess. Since this was going to be a pick'em event I decided to focus on picking players who were good shots and medics since we had an over abundance of excellent Squad leaders available. We ended up with 21 people on each side which was perfect to give us 3 squads of 7 and will give us 2 medics on each squad. The over all goal was to play the ticket bleed and to stop the Americans from using their optics as much as possible. With that in mind I made up the plan of giving each Squad an area of focus. Squad one (Dave MCCR) was to cover the North, Squad 2(me) the Center and Squad 3(LG99) the South. The goal was to take District Center and hold it for the ticket bleed thus making the Americans attack and us staying in ambush.

    The strategy worked until the Americans threw all their players at District Center and started to Cap it back. Our saving grace was I had let my Sniper be a lone wolf and he had gone to the next flag and told me that no one was defending. I quickly sent out 2 more men to back cap them to try and take pressure off of District Center. This worked when they neutralized the flag and I sent in Squad 3 to reinforce. After that the Americans needed to split their force into defense and attack and could not get back District Center. Lets just say we won the match, my plan worked and I will not mention the ticket count.

    My team played very well together with Excellent communication, Squad one took the brunt of the fighting and got wiped out many times trying to defend the flag. I wish I could remember my sniper's name (Jackal) because he is the one who kept finding the American Fire Bases so I could send in forces to take them out. That is if the Americans did not take it down themselves and move it.

    After that I had to leave because it was my wife's birthday and we had plans for the evening.

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    Re: Feb 20 Scrim

    I didn't play, but I grabbed a screenshot for you guys.


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      Re: Feb 20 Scrim

      That's a beautiful thing, Dimitrius!
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        Re: Feb 20 Scrim

        It was a nice packed night! Loads of fun :D Would be nice if next time we could go VS another squad group?



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          Re: Feb 20 Scrim

          Masterjack, masterful strat. As I'm sure a lot of people saw from this round, holding the "half flag" matters. If one team simply holds the half flag for a significant amount of time, they will likely win.

          Right now, a team with -1 flag loses 3 tickets / 1 minute (30m=90 tickets lost).

          So, our only option getting into the last half of the round was to stop defending and throw everything at the district center, then roll the dice by sending one squad agressively forward to get in position to cap the south bridge. Losing a flag to the enemy costs 20 tickets, so if this gamble paid off, BLUFOR could have turned the game around by making up 40 tickets in defecit and iniciating a 6 tickets / 1 minute ticket bleed on OPFOR.

          While this was happenning, on a huntch I went to check the back flag solo. Your sniper killed me there, but I suggested to [MENTION=15948]Disposable[/MENTION] to only send a few guys to secure it, as I knew he was the only one on the flag radius (the capping stopped as soon as I entered it, meta told me it was 1v1).

          Luckily, [MENTION=15948]Disposable[/MENTION] did the smart thing and ordered the whole squad back to the flag, because [MENTION=22159]Masterjack[/MENTION] committed to sending one of his squads to attack it. We won the engagement there and defended the flag, and it was a good fight.

          The big take away for me from this scrimm is that it is extremely important to be agressive early. Holding the half flag is plenty to win at this point in the game's development. Once a team has the half flag, it doesn't make sense to gamble on attacking the next flag and possibly losing the advantage in ticket bleed. An active defense (with agressive flanking squads and FOB hunting) as you did, is exactly what the game calls for right now. At round's end, we BLUFOR had 20% or so more kills than OPFOR, but the ticket bleed means that doesn't matter hardly at all. Awesome job everyone, the teamwork was fantastic.
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            Re: Feb 20 Scrim

            Firstly, this screen shot is awesome and reminds me of the old Thursday password nights we used to have in PR. Good times!

            Originally posted by Dimitrius View Post
            I didn't play, but I grabbed a screenshot for you guys.


            Secondly, my AAR (as much as I can remember):

            Our squad was tasked with controlling the southern flank of District Center and establishing a FOB there. We rolled out smoothly to our object and were able to establish a FOB to the south of the city within a compound. At this point, the Militia team had still not capped West Bridge, so I moved my squad into position along the southern slopes to engage and destroy the Militia units that were going to be leaving West Bridge.

            We were able to spot, engage and destroy those units but also took return fire. After suffering a few causalities, we were able to break contact, revive and then move into the southern fringes of the city to attempt to help with the cap of District Center. At this point the Militia team had moved a sniper onto our eastern flank, near Hill 15, and he began harassing my squad with accurate fire. I also am positive he was relaying intel to his friendlies and we were soon swarmed on our west and pinned down from our east. Nicely done by the enemy team here.

            The rest is a bit of a blur. As Paine mentioned, I moved my entire squad back to Hill 15 to defend as the position was abandoned and once Paine reported contact there I knew that we were in danger of being back-capped. With so few players on both teams, we were required to perform double duty and it was easy for enemy to slip through our lines to create havoc.

            All in all it was a fun round. I didn't feel like our squad was able to accomplish much more than be reactive to enemy movements and we never really got any momentum. Our CO was a SL of Squad 1 but I noticed that during the round that position had been transferred to another squad member so we did not have communication nor coordination after the first 5 minutes or so of the round. Not sure what happened there, and this is not a criticism, just explaining what happened. I think the militia side was a little better organized and it definitely showed. Nice job to the guys on the militia side!

            A special note to the guys in my squad, we kicked butt - great job! It was a little hectic, but I'm fairly confident that they have come to expect rapid changes in orders from me and played the round like champs. Great work!

            The next round was played on the bloody streets of Sumari. With the number of players we had on the server at the time (I think around 40 total), this was the perfect map. The action was fast a furious, and we were taking it on the chin for quite a while at the Well flag. I had a few new players in my squad and I was trying to teach them how to use the shovel (the player was right-clicking to shovel emplacements, not left-clicking -- oops) and we got jumped by fast-moving insurgents. This started what felt like an hour-long fight for the Well flag. Eventually we were able to push them off and then assaulted our way to the east along the northern set of flags, taking Market and eventually pushing into the Police Station, where we fought until the round ended with a hard-fought victory.

            GG everyone!

            We will be hosting a scrim/password event once a month, so look for our next one some time in late March!

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