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  • Flag Assault: Strategy Discussion

    This is a thread for the discussion of Flag Assault strategy. Give your guides, discuss ideas, and give assualt tips here. Please stay on topic. Defense Strategy may be discussed in this thread. For your reading pleasure and welcome critisism:

    There are Four Phases of Flag Assualt.

    1. Reconnaissance: Gaining intelligence. (Three Orders to execute: Place Assault Radio, Find Enemy Radio, Map enemy defensive positions)

    Assault Radio. This radio wil act as a spawn point for your assault. It should be placed within build range of the Fire Support position. If the flag is inside a walled compound, consider placing the Assault Radio within range of the walls, so that ladders can be placed to create dynamic entry points.

    Enemy Radio. Gather intel on enemy positions and spawn points. Watch how the enemy moves. This will usually give you an idea of where their Defense Radio spawn point is. This is the most essential part of an assault and should not be skipped.

    Enemy Positions. Based on where the enemy is concentrated and moving from, a plan for the second phase can be made. These positions will show you where best to position the assault teams.

    2. Movement: Gaining favorable position. (Four Orders to execute: Place Screen, Fire Support, Assault, and Radio Destruction elements)
    Position Screen. A screen prevents reinforcements from running to the flag as you assault it. The screen should be placed between the flag you are attacking and the next enemy flag. This element may also act as the Support Fire element if the terrain places the Fire Support position where it may also act as a Screen.

    Position Fire support
    . Assign the order of Support Fire to a second element. Ideally, the Support Fire element should have high ground and ammo. At a minimum, Fire Support should be able to engage enemy defensive positions with overwhelming fire. Make sure to assign a man or two in this element to gaurd the flank and rear. Enemy will attack this element during your assasult. If it does not come under attack, than this element is not being noisy enough!

    Position Assault. Assign the objective of assault to another element. This element should be placed where it may approach the flag from positions of cover and concealment. Ideally, the assault should occur along a line that is perpendicular to the Fire Support element's fire.

    Place Radio Destruction.
    Assign the objective of taking down the enemy radio to one element. This element can also execute the Screen order. If the enemy radio is on the flag itself, than this order is skipped.

    3. Assault: Taking the Flag (Three orders: Destroy Radio, Fire Support Engage, Assault Attack)
    Destroy Radio. Once all elements are in position, order the enemy radio to be taken out. T

    Fire Support Engage.
    Next, order the support fire element to enegage enemy positions with supressive fire, rockets and grenades. The Fire should be constant. Stagger your machine gunners' fire so they reload at different times.

    Assault Attack.
    The assaulters should also use all grenades available. Smoke may be used as concealment for crossing open ground, but is better used as a distraction. Assaulting from more than one side and multiple points is Ideal. Attack in large numbers and all at once while communicating with Fire Support to avoid friendly fire. Further discussion of assault tactics can be seen in this thread.

    4. Counter-Attack Defense (Three orders: Fire Support into flag, Assault reinforce Screen, Secure Radio and Flanks)
    Once the Flag is secured, prepare for immediate counter-attack. Bring the fire support element into the flag area. Reinforce the Screen position and send out a patrol from the Assault element. The patrol should move to secure the Assault Radio you built and check the surrounding area for enemy flanking elements.

    Remember, during all of these phases, the enemy gets a vote. Play accordingly. Don't be too restrictive on Element leaders or micro-manage. Have fun!
    Stay together, communicate, don't give up.




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