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Mayhem in the fortress.

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  • [AAR] Mayhem in the fortress.

    In my determination to make practical use of the deployables, I made a "Fortress defense" squad and got all my bums to the fort.

    I got as many as would play along (3 or 4) up to the top floor inside the Fortress bunker.

    The plan: wait until the enemy destroys the so called hidden FOBs, then deploy a FOB inside fortress, to avoid being verbally assaulted for placing a fob on a flag.
    Then hold that top floor, and use the deployables to aid defense.

    We were by the slimmest margin able to hold the top floor, and managed to get the fob down. We deployed the fob and my whole squad respawned inside the bunker.

    I had one loyal medic, and one loyal soldier, the here above Wagenbach. While the medic was a bit daft, he kept running past the stairs instead of round the back of em :p, he did what we needed. And this Wagenbach dude diligently fulfilled my request for a super loyal soldier to take that corner and stay there no matter.

    What followed was ten minutes or so of complete chaos, as at one point most of the team respawned there. The floor was covered in bodies, grenadesnades were blowing up in people's faces. Medic meat piles were created at the top of the stairs, ans many people died, on both sides.

    As you can see it if you examine what people are doing in the above pics, it is amazing how stupid people were behaving in this ,granted, uncommon situation. They are all standing together in thekillzone. Medics were reviving at their feet. Walking in front of each others guns.

    It was very interesting, a bit hilarious, and great damned fight.

    Then we proceeded to build some defenses. They at least held to block the grenade splash.

    In the end we were killed by repeated breach attempts using smoke. This was certainly the most effective way of attacking this position. Smoke up the stairs forced us to fall back, and shoot the enemy in the smoke. But we lost people due to stupidity mostly, and in the end were overrun by the repeated attacks.

    Still it was the most fun I've had in squad.

    Indoor building tips:
    Go prone before selecting the object to build to stop it deploying on the roof. In some buildings it can be helpful to select the object outside, and then walk in with it.



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