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  • Teamspeak and conversations ..

    Ok I would like to make a suggestion ....

    Sometimes I come on to Teamspeak and talk to people about some info I have heard and there are people in the server and they get annoyed cause we are talking ...

    It would be easy and helpful for people in match's to setup an Away Message that says " In Game " and it can be hot keyed so you can turn it on and off as needed. This way if someone comes in and starts a conversation and then someone goes in a match people do not have to ask them to hold there conversation while they play ...

    It gets confusing when we have Blufor and Opfor channels that no one use's and then we have a Chat room and the main channel and people play in those rooms. The Arma and other groups move to rooms were people know they are playing and move out when they are not ...

    Settings --> Options --> Messages --> Button "Add" --> Select "Away" and fill the contents. I have a message that says " In Game " so you know I am playing and it mutes my speakers so I do not hear Teamspeak ...

    This is just a casual suggestion I am just trying to help improve our community ... I come in and out due to a Game I am 3d modeling for and have a deadline so I might be spotty for the next week ..



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